10 of the Best Graphic T-shirts For This Summer

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a fan of luxury and elegance or a streetwear aficionado, graphic t-shirts belong in everyone’s wardrobe. There’s no denying that the casual every day garment has become a perennial staple in our modern everyday rotation. The simple design of the t-shirt allows for style versatility, regardless of whether you choose a slimmer fit or an oversize one. But, beyond its practical shape, a graphic t-shirt’s print is the key element that can help take your outfit to another level.

Graphic tees have a long history. After its boom in the late ‘50s, music, film, and fashion industries adopted the graphic tee as a marketing move to get recognition. Over time, graphic tees have become a mainstay of pop culture. They are now part of every fashionista’s wardrobe.

You may not believe it, but graphic shirts represent more than a simple motif or silly phrase. Take for example that Nepo Baby tee Hailey Bieber wore last season — you’ll be shocked by how much fuss was made about it on social media. Sure, you won’t exactly replicate the irony Bieber portrays with this tee, but this is even more proof that picking graphic tees must be wisely thought through, and that’s where we step in.

Harvey Nichols has rounded up some of the best graphic T-shirts to add to your wardrobe. From luxury streetwear brands like Palm Angels to cult fashion labels like Givenchy, we have a wide range to choose from. Check them out and pick the one that most speaks to you!

Find the best graphic tees below.

Billionaire Boys Club Launchpad Printed T-shirt

Launch Pad Printed T-shirt

Billionaire Boys Club understands that graphic T shirts can be about showing off an awesome print. The brand maintains a classic T shirt silhouette and adds pastel colors to the beige background.

Rivington Ekklecia T-shirt

Ekklecia Printed T-shirt

Rivington’s take on the basketball jersey is a great way to add it into your wardrobe. The relaxed fit and black and white colorway of the shirt make it a great summer piece.

J.W. Anderson Rain Or Shine Shirt

Rain Or Shine T-Shirt

JW Andersen is known for his impeccable graphics. This positive motto tee comes just in time to welcome summer. The reverse features a grid of happy frogs, while the Come Rain or Shine message is printed on the chest.

Honor the Gift Past N’ Future Printed Shirt

Past N' Future Printed T-shirt

Honor The Gift combines old and new by displaying a painting antique in a modern silhouette.

Represent Resort T-Shirt

Resort T-Shirt

Represent is a British brand that has been in the game for many years. However, its popularity has exploded over the last few seasons. This graphic tee is a great example of the streetwear approach.

AMIRI T-shirt with Printed Design

Printed T-shirt

As an ode to Amiri’s Californian roots, the brand showcases a hand-drawn graphic of the state’s famous landscapes and most popular places. It is shaped like a classic t-shirt, being quite fitted on top and looser towards the bottom.

C.P. T-shirt with logo of C.P.

Logo-print T-shirt

With graphic T-shirts, brands can experiment with their brand logos. C.P. One of the companies that opts for a faded paint font is Company. This gives its logo an distorted look. The T-shirt makes a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Givenchy 4G padlock printed T-shirt

4G Padlock Printed T-shirt

Mathew Williams brought his industrial aesthetic to Givenchy when he joined the company. The 4G padlock, a modern signature of the French fashion house. We now have it as a print. The shirt’s loose fit makes this perfect to pair with any spring or summer ‘fit.

Helmut Lang Printed Tee

Printed T-Shirt

As soon as you hear that Peter Do has been appointed to Helmut Lang’s helm, it is probably a great idea to start paying closer attention.

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