Avoid Mini Hemlines For Your Wedding Guest Dresses And Try This Instead

The title may have you feeling a bit stressed, but mini hemlines honestly are not the best idea for a wedding. Dress code is one of the reasons. Dress codes help wedding guests match the theme chosen by the bride and groom, while allowing them to still express their personal style. There are many different types of dress code, ranging from casual to formal. These options tend to suggest dresses that are below the knees, or longer.

It’s better to wear a maxi dress or a midi gown for a wedding. A midi length dress will fall between your knees and ankles, no matter what size or height you are. A maxi dress can reach your ankles, or even touch the floor. This creates a dramatic look. These dresses are great for wedding guests because they come in so many styles.

Dress in an A-line style

Consider an A-line gown if you’re not sure where to begin as a guest at a wedding. These dresses have a defined waist that flares out to the hem in a triangular shape. Wrap dresses are another option if you’re looking for something that will fit your body.

Select a flowing gown

You should wear a maxi gown if the wedding is formal. These dresses are elegant and beautiful, regardless of whether they’re simple or intricately detailed. There are many different silhouettes to choose from, but the A-line or fitted is perfect for a wedding.

Dresses with busy prints are easy to find

Look for dresses with busy prints or intricate designs if you want to make a statement (without overshadowing the bride). You can choose from a wide range of styles and prints to suit your personal style. If the bride has asked guests to wear a certain color, there are often patterns that will complement it.

Take a risk with a cutout

Cutout dresses can be controversial depending on what the bride wants. We love them at Glam because they add a fun element to the dress without being too revealing. It’s important to remember that the best cutouts will only reveal a tiny amount of skin.

Feathers can add a touch of elegance to your outfit

If you want to make a statement, wear a dress that has feather details. Feathers were all over the red carpets. The feathers create a fun, retro look that will make you standout from others attending the wedding.

Find a dress that has a slit

Dresses with slits, while not ideal for weddings, are a great option to show your legs and still follow the rules. Slits are available in a variety of sizes, positions, and lengths to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

Wear layers of clothing

You can only wear maxi or midi length dresses if you are attending a wedding that is conservative. If you like the look of a dress that is midi length, but the torso seems too exposed, add a poncho or shawl to the outfit. You will get a dynamic appearance without taking away from the dress.