BGMEA seeks Chinese support in RMG sector

Faruque Hashedan, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association President, requested China’s cooperation to transform Bangladesh from cotton to other non-cotton and high quality items. This was to help the country’s readymade garment sector move up the value-chain.

The call was made by the Chinese Ambassador in Bangladesh Yao Wen on Monday, 13 February.

Faruque Hassan, Bangladesh RMG Industry’s CEO, highlighted the goal of earning $100 billion in garment exports by 2030.

He said that Bangladesh’s apparel industry is now focusing more on diversifying from cotton to other fabrics and high-value products to achieve the vision.

“The shift in demand will increase for manmade fiber-based fabric, chemicals, and other materials. China, which is a major source of all these items, can supply Bangladesh with the required raw materials. Faruque Hashedan added that China is the largest exporter of garments and textile machinery.

“On the contrary, China is a promising marketplace for Bangladesh’s RMG Exports. “There is great potential to expand collaboration and strengthen partnership between Bangladesh & China, which will greatly profit both countries,” he stated.

The meeting was attended by Tanvir Ahmed, Director of BGMEA, and Shams Mahmud, Chair of BGMEA Standing Committee on Foreign Missions Cell Shams Mahmud.

Song Yang, the Economic and Commercial Counsellor was also present at meeting.

They also discussed the potential for expanding bilateral trade between Bangladeshi and Chinese.

The discussion also covered how both countries could reap more mutual trade benefits from further collaboration, in particular in the apparel and textile industry.

They also discussed the possibility of sharing knowledge and expertise in apparel and textile industries through collaboration between BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology and top Chinese fashion universities and institutes.

The president of BGMEA expressed his gratitude to China for allowing Bangladesh to have free access to its Chinese market for RMG exports.

He urged the Chinese envoy for more support and cooperation to Bangladeshi businessmen when they applied for visas to facilitate trade with China and Hong Kong.

He also requested that the Chinese government increase the number flights between Bangladesh and China. The envoy supported him in this endeavor.

The Chinese Ambassador was informed by him that the Bangladesh Apparel Summit will be held in Hong Kong on 21 March 2023.