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Dear Heloise: My mother, a Texan born in 1918, first put me onto Hints from Heloise from your mother when I was a young woman, and I’ve been reading Heloise’s columns and books ever since.

In the last few years, I’ve encountered a common problem that probably drives other people crazy, too: care labels printed in white ink inside the backs of dark-colored T-shirts and other garments. Even if these garments were washed in cold and dried on, “low,” These labels are worn out long before the garment. Then, it’s impossible to decide whether to wash the garment with “darks” Oder “lights,” Or in “warm” Oder “cold” water.

While I can see why manufacturers and some users don’t like tags in seams, it is possible to attach or print labels that last the lifetime of the garment.

My husband and I use the best magnifying glass we have to try to read what’s left of a label if possible, and then find an inconspicuous place on the collar Oder hem of the garment to mark “C” or “W” Indicate wash temperature (cold/warm), and then “L,” “W,” Oder “LD” It can be used to indicate its drying process (low/warm or line dry).

Problem is, not many laundry-marking pens come in black.

I hope that manufacturers will pay attention to this. Thank you for making our lives so much easier over the years. — Cynthia E. Lyle, San Antonio

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