Raghavendra Rathore launches new collection of breeches for the festive season

Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur’s iconic Jodhpuri trousers have been synonymous with high-end style for almost 30 year. Many fashion brands have attempted to replicate these traditional breeches but they always fall short. What is the reason? The unique Lachakani They use a method.

You can also find out more about the following: Lachakani It is a patented method that allows for a better fit for each individual client based on their leg length. This minor yet vital detail distinguishes Rathore’s breeches from others, signifying the brand’s dedication to artisanal quality, tradition, and distinctiveness.

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The brand’s latest collection of breeches, inspired by an 800-year legacy, is tailored for the upcoming festive season and caters to all ages.

The designer tells us what makes the new festive collection unique.

Tell us about your new collection of breeches.

Raghavendra Rathore is dedicated to redefining our identity with innovative heritage styles each season. One of the main focuses has been to transform breeches from a traditional garment to a wardrobe essential.

By carefully engineering the breeches, we have been able to retain their unique shape while offering the comfort of regular trousers. The new collection features a unique blend of traditional form and contemporary functionality. These redesigned breeches offer a youthful and fresh appeal to fashion enthusiasts.

Moses Koul in Raghavendra Rathore’s latest collection

The introduction of these redesigned breeches into our collection is more than just a stylistic choice; it’s a reflection of our belief in the timelessness of tradition and our ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing fashion landscape.

Why did you add to your existing collection of breeches?

Raghavendra Rathore’s breeches have a special place in the brand. They are often paired with styles that include BThe following are some examples of how to get started:hgalas and Achkans To create a distinctive look that resonates with custom-made elegance. We are inspired by the casual style that is dominating the international runways and we want to find new, innovative ways to reinvent the classic breeches. We want to give this traditional garment a new lease of life by using innovative techniques and diverse fabrics. We expect that the reimagined collection of breeches will be popular with our Bollywood clientele, but also with discerning clients around the world.

What is the new design of the breeches that have been revamped? 

Over the years, the brand has studied, dissected and detailed the breeches silhouette. Therefore, it seems only natural to have a hands-on understanding of the core product and effortlessly transition it into a diverse range of silhouette variations that cover a more youthful sporty audience while also offering a wide range of semi-formal and formal silhouette varieties that would enhance one’s personal style making each silhouette a statement piece. The collection includes slim-cut, textured breeches inspired by the grunge rockstar look and custom graphic print cargo-style breeches in ‘tonal-noir’ hues. The pleating provides structure and volume.

What are the sizes of this collection?

As detailed measurements are required to create an impeccable pattern, breeches sizing should be customized. The standardised fit and sizing may also be calibrated but will need some minor tweaks in the case of minor changes in length or knee to hemline shape.

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What colors are included in this collection?

This design incorporates a variety of colours, from dark jewel tones, neutral tones and white tones.

Which piece is your favorite from the collection?

Custom printed Ikat Patterned breeches with pockets that are dip-dyed and give a new look to the product.

Moses Koul in Raghavendra Rathore’s latest collection

Nobility is a noble disposition

Moses Koul has been hailed as the epitome for contemporary style, while also celebrating Indian tradition. Wearing Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur’s latest collection, Moses brings back the regalia of the 1920s, enchanting spectators with the poise of nobility, in seamless alignment of the brand ethos. “Every piece of clothing tells a story, and within this collection of breeches, the tales of eras gone by are woven together, offering a glimpse into the evolution of men’s fashion and the artistry of craftsmanship,” says Moses, donning Rathore’s creations, all the while inspiring India’s trendy youth to embrace their roots in the most stylish manner.