Style Meets Sustainability In The Canada Goose X Reformation Collaboration

The perennial dilemma of winter weather is the challenge: Are you looking chic or warm? Canada Goose and Reformation have teamed up for the first time, making it easier to make a choice. “Canada Goose and Reformation each have a rich heritage and strong identity and right from the start we shared a vision that this project would equally reflect the DNA of both brands,” says Woody Blackford, Chief Product Officer of Canada Goose. “I think we are truly delivering on that promise, with a collection that fuses key elements from both sides and creates something unexpected and unique—what stands out to me is how we’ve captured the functionality and performance of Canada Goose with the feminine aesthetic and playful colors and prints from Reformation.”

Available now, the seven-piece collection melds Canada Goose’s cozy warmth and cold weather protection with Reformation’s enchanting, vintage-inspired aesthetic. Look out for bold colours and beautiful prints in styles that will keep your winter warm. Reversible puffers, vests, and parkas are all included in the collection, as is a headscarf. This is the first Canadian Goose head scarf. Fabrics like Recycled Feather-Light Ripstop and Performance Satin fabrics live up to the outfitter’s reputation.

“Our goal was to take Canada Goose’s exceptional technical design and give it a vintage twist,” says Hali Borenstein, CEO of Reformation. “Reformation started as a vintage store originally, and our designs are heavily inspired by vintage prints and styles today. We worked closely with the Canada Goose team to curate an assortment of best-selling silhouettes that we thought the Reformation customer would love, and also developed an all-new cropped puffer and vest that felt trend-relevant.”

The collaboration is all about sustainability, incorporating Canada Goose’s HUMANATURE platform and Reformation’s commitment to eco-minded fashion. The collection can be worn over and over again, and will be passed down to future generations. That’s why there is a “Loved By” label in the interior lining of each jacket and vest where the wearer can write in their name, and when the style is ready to be passed down, it can be filled in with the names of friends and family as the garments are shared and reused.

“Both Canada Goose’s and Reformation’s sustainability priorities were paramount as we worked together to meet both of our standards in the creation of this collection,” Blackford says. “The lifecycle of a garment is something we always consider. Our products are crafted to last with the intention that they will eventually get passed down from one wearer to another which expands the products’ lifecycle for years. We wanted to make the pieces feel more unique by combining different textures with the fabrics. We introduced a new fabric, the recycled Performance Satin. This fabric is in keeping with our sustainability standards. As with all our collaborations, we had a thoughtful approach in choosing durable fabrics, and designing silhouettes that are timeless to keep these pieces in rotation in our wardrobes for years to come.”

Borenstein found it rewarding to see this collaboration become a reality after more than a year of planning. “It’s always been important to us to create a conscious brand where ‘green’ fashion doesn’t mean compromising style. We create limited-run collections using vintage-inspired designs and sustainable practices. This allows anyone to be beautiful and sustainably live. We wanted to combine our love for vintage patterns and prints into outerwear that combines style, sustainability and warmth. What we’ve come up with is a win-win, enabling our customers to look and do good while staying warm.”

Both brands collaborated closely to ensure that the design was balanced and that elements from both were highlighted. “Reformation was the perfect partner as it’s known for its femininity, playful colors and prints—which is something unexpected for our brand,” Blackford says. “We wanted to tap into Reformation’s community, and together, previewed numerous fabrics and colorways that were narrowed down to fit that aesthetic and mindset of that target audience. When choosing styles, colors, and prints, we were extremely specific. We wanted to make sure it would meet our customers’ needs and offer pieces that can be worn together. The little things were important, like creating a reversible jacket with a solid print to allow our customers to change their look. We also took care to match the Dyed to Match trims on the zippers and the tonal disks. Each piece showcases the synergistic marriage of unique textiles and prints with iconic fashion and functional silhouettes.”

Whether it’s snowing, raining, sleeting or simply very, very cold, the Canada Goose x Reformation collaboration will keep you warm and chic all winter. It’s the ultimate example of fashion meets function.