Aussie shopper wows after turning a $20 Kmart maternity top into the perfect summer dress

A stylish shopper snatchs the “perfect” summer dress from an unassuming section at Kmart. Now everyone wants one

  • Kmart’s maternity top was purchased by a Kmart shopper who thought it was a summer dress.
  • The $20 ‘dress’ was found by a Melbourne woman who had walked away from the maternity aisle.
  • She thought it was a dress for a child, but she found that the size 16 fits her well.
  • She was shocked to see the exact same top online as maternity when she returned home.
  • Unconcerned, she still loves her ‘dress’. She shared the find on Facebook

A Kmart trip in Australia led to an Australian shopper finding the perfect summer dress. She didn’t realize until she returned home that it was actually a Maternity top.  

The shopper in Melbourne was inspired by the $20 dress that was left behind by a customer. She thought it was cute and bought it for herself. 

It wasn’t until she got home that she realised it was maternity wear but was unconcerned and shared her find in a post to popular Facebook group Kmart Home Hacks & Decor. 

A Melbourne shopper picked up what she thought was the perfect $20 summer dress from Kmart

But, when she got home she saw the 'dress' being advertised online as a maternity top. She still loves her dress despite the label

The surprise of a Melbourne shopper discovering her $20 Kmart summer ‘dress’ was actually a maternity shirt (right)

“I found this top in an unmarked aisle, thinking it was a cute dress. I took it home to find it was a maternity top. The material is super comfy and breathable, she wrote in the post. 

The Maternity Sleeveless Shirred Bodice Top in a Mushi ging print and tie straps was purchased by the low-cost retailer. 

Group members were impressed at her makeshift, summer-inspired ‘dress’. They told the woman to ignore the label’ if they loved it. 

She had bought the budget retailer's Maternity Sleeveless Shirred Bodice Top with a 'Mush ging' print and tie straps

She bought the Maternity Sleeveless Shirred Bodice Top in a ‘Mush ging’ print and tie-straps from a budget retailer.

I wouldn’t have known that it was a maternity dress if you hadn’t mentioned. It looked great on you, and you were very comfortable in it. The tag doesn’t matter if you love it,’ said one woman.

“I have this same dress! It was maternity. 

One woman wondered why she didn’t realize the garment was a Maternity Top, while others worried it might be too short.  

‘It didn’t have a tag. “I realized it was maternity ads when they appeared on my Facebook feed,” the Kmart customer responded. 

She also said that she bought a size 16, thinking it was for kids, and that the top was long enough to look like an actual dress. 

She added she picked up a size 16 thinking it was for children and normally wears an AU8-10 so the top was long enough to look like a dress on her

She also said that she purchased a size 16 because it was intended for children. She usually wears an AU8-10 and the top was long enough to look like it was a dress.

Some users confessed to also shopping in the maternity aisle unknowingly. 

One woman laughed, “My sister and me would accidentally end up in maternity sections of stores. We would admire everything, and then realise it was all about maternity.”  

‘I’ve done this previously… just don’t get offended when people ask when you’re due,’ another joked.  

“My favorite skirt is a Kmart Maternity one, which I didn’t know was maternity,” said a third.  


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