Design ideas inspired by traditional Egyptian clothing: 10 styles you will love

Egyptian traditional clothing has a rich history. It is known for its vibrant colors, intricate patterns and unique silhouettes. Egyptian fashion, from flowing kaftans to regal headdresses, has inspired designers around the world.

Traditional Egyptian clothing
Clothing and headpieces influenced by Egyptian traditional clothing. Photo: @fashionwithhasma, @didi.brand.official, @lucysavchenko, @sun_of_anatolia (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

What is traditional Egyptian attire? This type of clothing is a window into Egypt’s cultural heritage, and it is stylish. This clothing incorporates elements from many different cultures, such as Europeans. Ottoman Turks. Nubians.

Fashion ideas inspired by Egyptian traditional clothing

Ancient Egyptian clothes are full of ideas for modern fashion. These ten ideas will add a touch Egyptian flair to your wardrobe.

1. Headpieces with a Pharaoh’s-inspired design

Traditional Egyptian clothing
Pharaoh-inspired headpiece designs. Photo: @ANicheinTime @AmparoLopez. Modified by author.
Source: Facebook

Embrace the legendary headpieces of Egyptian pharaohs to channel their regal essence. Feathers, gemstones and gold accents can be incorporated into headbands or hair clips to recreate these magnificent accessories. These gorgeous pieces will bring out your inner royal.

2. Kaftan elegance

Since ancient times, Egyptians have worn a loose-fitting, billowing kaftan. Embrace this effortless style by adding kaftan pieces to your wardrobe.

Opt to use opulent fabrics, such as silk and chiffon. Experiment with jewel-toned, rich colours. For a touch extravagance, add elaborate embellishments or embroidery.

3. Bold prints, patterns and colors

Egyptian textiles have bold, striking patterns and prints inspired by traditional Egyptian attire. Include motifs, such as scarabs and lotus flower, in your designs.

These intricate patterns look great on dresses, skirts and shawls. Even tailored blazers can benefit from these patterns.

4. Ankh motifs

Traditional Egyptian clothing
Photo: @inoutapparel, @clariscia_cg (modified by author) Photo: @inoutapparel and @clariscia_cg. (Modified by the author).
Source: Instagram

The ancient Egyptian life symbol, the ankh can be used in a variety of fashion items. This cross-like symbol inspired by traditional Egyptian clothes represents eternal life, and adds an interesting design element.

Add a touch Egyptian mysticism with ankhs embroidered or printed on dresses, shirts or accessories.

5. Cleopatra collars

Traditional Egyptian clothing
A Cleopatra queen pearl collar. photo: @NidhiSurana
Source: Facebook

Cleopatra the legendary Egyptian Queen was known for bold fashion choices. This included her collars. Incorporate high collars in your designs to evoke the spirit of ancient Egypt. To create a modern interpretation of Cleopatra’s style, experiment with fabrics, embellishments, or even gold elements.

6. Scarab-inspired jewellery

Traditional Egyptian clothing
A scarab inspired cuff. Photo: @jennifergibsonjewellery
Source: Instagram

The scarab beetle is a symbol of great importance in Egyptian mythology. Scarab designs can be incorporated into jewellery such as pendants and stud earrings. Statement rings are also a good option. Create unique pieces by experimenting with different materials like precious metals or gemstones.

7. Nubian inspired prints

Designers are inspired by the Nubian culture’s vibrant and colourful textiles. You can use prints, patterns and motifs that are inspired by Nubian cultures in your designs.

Try out bright colours, geometric patterns, or abstract designs to create pieces that are visually appealing and pay tribute to Egypt’s cultural riches.

8. Gold accents

Traditional Egyptian clothing
A woman wearing a gold dress at the shoulder. Photo: @kanyacoutureofficial
Source: Instagram

Gold is associated with Egyptian culture. Modern traditional Egyptian clothing often incorporates gold accents. Gold accents add a touch luxury and class to any outfit. Create statement pieces with metallic threads and gold embellishments. They will evoke luxury and ancient Egyptian treasures.

9. Egyptian-inspired footwear

Traditional Egyptian clothing
Yellow leather shoes Photo:
Source: Instagram

Complete your Egyptian look with shoes that reflect the elegance and beauty of ancient Egypt. Sandals that feature embellishments like metallic accents or braided, intricately beaded straps will convey the essence and style of traditional Egyptian clothing.

You can experiment with different styles and heel heights to create alternative shoes that you can wear for casual or formal occasions.

10. Tunic dresses

Traditional Egyptian clothing
Photo: @colton.mansavage, @abayamarketer (modified by author). Photo by @colton.mansavage & @abayamarketer.
Source: Instagram

It is referred as the national costume of Egypt for both males and females. The tunic is a traditional Egyptian clothing that’s characterized by its loose, comfortable fit.

Use lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or linen, to create trendy tunics that are stylish and casual. Decorate them in colourful embroidery or exquisite needlework to honor Egyptian craftsmanship.

Egyptian traditional clothing can be used to create a variety of designs that are easily adapted into modern fashion. Begin a fashion exploration that celebrates this culture’s beauty. Let Egypt inspire your creativity. has recently published a list of ten great concert outfit ideas. The perfect concert outfit is both exciting and challenging.

Statement prints, glam-rock, and a country vibe are all cool outfits for a concert. These outfits are stylish and comfortable. They also reflect your passion for music.


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