England fans snap up £40 Three Lions Hawaiian shirts to take the heat out of World Cup

Three Lions Hawaiian shirts for England fans are in high demand.

The FA’s £40 garment has a red, white and blue tropical-leaf print covered in England crests.

The £40 England Hawaiian shirt is perfect for tanning before Monday's opener against Iran


The £40 England Hawaiian shirt is perfect for tanning before Monday’s opener against Iran

The open-button design is perfect for tanning beer bellies before Monday’s opener against Iran.

Fans back home also join in.

Ben Rispin, 23, of Newcastle, said: “I love this shirt. It’s bringing a bit of vibrant Hawaii across to a cold winter.”

“I’m going to wear it over my retro Gareth Southgate England top and I’m sure it’ll bring me good luck.

And Tom Cullum, 23, of Surrey, said: “I’ve already bought one to wear into the office. It’s class.”

Cam Clark, 25 years old, from Brixton, South London added, “It’s an interesting twist on the usual colours. I’m buying it even though it may be a little cold.”

Will McFarland, 24, also from London, said: “It’s vibrant, loud and something a bit different.

“I like it, I’m buying it and I’ll wear it with pride. Come on England.”

The Irish Sun is the most popular.

It comes after fans went mad for the £99.95 England cardigan which costs £25 more than the home and away shirts.

The Three Lions shop website says of the Hawaiian alternative: “There’s nothing better to show off your team pride when you’re enjoying the sun this season.”

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