From corsets to co-ord sets: 5 hottest denim trends for fall/winter 2023 | Fashion Trends

We’re ready to venture into the trendiest in fall/winter styles this year, gearing to promote versatility which covers from soft-dressing to denims that are going to be extraordinarily contrasted and multifaceted creating disruptive waves in the future of the fashion industry. This season, it’s all about spicing your wardrobe up with some luxury and charm to let your femininity shine. Fashion for fall is all about a feminine style expressed in functional essentials to make your everyday stylish. The commercial versatility will add freshness and flexibility to your wardrobe. (Also read: Print trends for 2023 – 5 prints that you need to add to your wardrobe in the New Year )

Fashion enthusiasts creative take on denim will continue to grace the fashion industry, moving from runways to daily life walks.(Instagram )
Fashion lovers’ creative takes on denim will continue gracing the fashion industry. From runways to everyday life walks.(Instagram )

The impending modern feminist trends will be geared towards adding color to your neutral aesthetic and life. The new colour palette will bring back our fashion aesthetic, embracing futuristic blue-purples, gender-inclusive colors like green and pink, as well as optimistic yellows, vibrant oranges and more. What are the new fashion trends for the upcoming season? From the cutout theme party, and pretty feminine, to the gender-neutral world of denim with its rework denim shirt, relaxed trousers, crazy denim washes, 70’s denim corsages etc. The fashion world will soon be transformed by styles that add a touch of boldness, serenity and statement to your style choices.

Top Denim Trends for Fall/Winter 2023

Abhishek Sharma also shared with HT Lifestyle a few dynamic denim trends which will be dominating the upcoming fashion collections.

1. Cutouts

Styles will increasingly focus on enhancing feminine allure as the fashion calendar is returning to a more regular schedule. The daring side cutouts that were once only found on bodycon dresses will be revisited through the lense of modern feminine style. Cutouts at the sides of denim will be a major fashion trend. They can be seen in pieces such as bootcut jeans or denim shirts that have been deconstructed. The subtle denim version of the cutout will allow women to embrace their own skin.

2. Embellished Trims Pairing

Fall is the season when fashion lovers will be able to use their artistic creativity in creating unique, bold and high-fashion pieces. Designers can experiment with unconventional trim placements and heavy trims. Denim skirts, cargos and wide-leg pants can be embellished with a wider range of charmed and decorative surfaces, such as eclectic spikes and metal details like chains and jewels. This will help to balance the youthful creativity with fearless femininity.

3. Corsets, Ombre and Corsets

The corset and the ombre have become popular options in fashion. They elevate everyday clothes into unique expressions of personal style. Strapless denim corsets, which represent a new fashion era, are poised to revolutionize traditional designs, adding a modern twist to cater to the changing tastes of future. In a fashion world that is constantly evolving, panelling techniques are a crucial innovation. They promise to create more visually stunning and distinct styles for the new generation of fashion lovers.

kiara advani stuns in ombre denim jeans and matching knot shirt(HT Photo/VarinderChawla)
kiara advani stuns in ombre denim jeans and matching knot shirt(HT Photo/VarinderChawla)

Ombre is also a trend that has been embraced by many. The denim ombre cords are already a staple in many wardrobes and will continue to be so in the coming seasons. These cords will continue to be a popular and versatile option, complementing denim jackets, tops, skirts and crop tops. Denim styling is given a more industrial look by adding metal rivets and utility details.

4. Denim Co-ord Set

The Denim-on denim trend has made a big impact on the market. People have been experimenting by mixing different denim pieces and fabrics together. Denim-on-denim is a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years. This season, fashion will introduce the denim combo set with modular components to allow for a trans-seasonal look. Co-ords could be a combination of wrap style, tunic silhouettes, or even shirts with shorts. The outlook will certainly scream innovative and classy. Double denim is a great way of elevating the classic utilitarian look.

“Fashion enthusiasts’ creative take on denim will continue to grace the fashion industry, moving from runways to daily life walks. From authentic vintage-inspired denim trends to colour-infused pieces, it will maintain a stronghold on everyone’s fashion choices. Abhishek concluded that the evergreen fashion garment will have a limitless future, and it will be ruled by the seamless reinterpretation vintage pieces with a hint of modernity.

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