How to properly submit a resume | Hints from Heloise

Today’s Sound Off is about writing and submitting a resume:

Dear Heloise: For the past 12 years, I’ve worked in human resources for a Fortune 500 company. We receive resumes every day from college graduates who seem to think a resume is unnecessary or old-fashioned, or that they don’t need one because their sparkling wit and charm will see them through.

A resume is our first impression of an applicant, and I can’t stress enough how much a good resume makes a person stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, a resume is all that’s needed to get an interview. I thought I’d pass along some important hints on resume writing:

1. Good paper should be in white, off-white, or pale grey colors. You should not leave any white-outs or cross-out words. Your resume should be clean. Your resume should be limited to no more than one page.

2. A brief summary or objective can be added at the top. You should never put this at your resume’s bottom.

3. Your resume should be tailored to the job that you are applying for.

4. List your education and any volunteer work you’ve done.

5. You can also list any other languages that you speak.

6. List all awards and projects that you have been a part of.

7. Don’t forget to list your contact information. It might surprise you to learn how many people don’t know how to contact them.

8. Print your resume at a printer. No handwritten resumes, and no misspelling. I can guarantee you that handwritten resumes with poor spelling and careless grammar are thrown into the garbage.

9. Templates online can help you organize your thoughts, and even show you how your resume should look. Simply type “how to create a resume” into the search box.

10. A good resume is the first step in securing the job you desire. Don’t be shy. Brag about your accomplishments. But be honest, because we do check everyone’s background.

Best of luck in your job search.

San Francisco, Deanna R.


Do you get sick of the mothball smell? These are some tips to keep wool clothes from smelling like mothballs.

Cedar blocks can be placed in closets where wool items are stored, but not on clothes. It can stain clothing.

Cloth garment bags can be used to store blankets or clothing.

Place blankets, scarves, and other wool items in large, clear plastic tubs. Make sure to secure the lid.


Dear Heloise, I had a problem finding expiration dates for coupons. I finally decided to use a yellow or pink marker to mark the date. This saves me from embarrassment at checkout when I discover that my coupon is expired.

Next, I stack my coupons month-by-month, paperclip them all together, and then place them in a small zippered pouch within my purse.

– Karen B., Odessa, Texas

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