I’m a size 10 & tried on Oh Polly! dresses for the party season – here’s how they looked on me compared to a model

Shopping online can be difficult, especially when it involves fashion.

Grace Tutty, a UK style lover decided to order viral dresses at Oh Polly! TikTok allows Grace to share her honest review.

This figure-hugging number seemed to be a favourite amongst many viewers


This figure-hugging number was a favorite among many viewersCredit: TikTok/@gracetutty
We're seriously obsessed with how stunning the 20-year-old looked in all the dresses


We were smitten by how beautiful the 20-year-old looked wearing all the dressesCredit: TikTok/@gracetutty

The 20-year old, who claims to be a UK 10 size, bought three beautiful dresses for party season. She then compared the models online with what she saw on her.

She chose to keep the figure-hugging black, halterneck dress from her shopping spree.

Just like the model, Grace looked absolutely stunning in the £52 dress that came with a high split on the side.

Available in blush and ivory, the garment can be customized to fit all sizes.

The young woman changed into another black gown – this was a bandeau maximumi dress, which can also be bagged brown and ivory.

The brunette was posing with a pearl necklace. Her beauty stunned viewers as she was hugged in every right place by the material.

Sharing tips to fellow fashionistas, Grace warned: ”The first two dresses are quite tight on my thighs so maybe size up depending on if you’ve got bigger thighs / boobs.”

In the video, last was a blue satin mini-dress with waistline details.

Grace said that even though the garment looked amazing, it felt cheap and not worthwhile. This will also be returned, just as Grace did with the previous one.

TikTok users then rushed to comments with one person writing: “Oh Polly stuff!

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“I purchased the jumpsuit. It is very flattering.

A second fan said: “Girls, you look amazing in all of these.”

A customer commented on their unpleasant experience with the popular fast fashion retailer.

“I was inspired to run to their website,” a fellow fashionista could not wait to shop.

If Oh Polly! If Oh Polly! is not your go-to style, don’t worry. One style fan tried on Shein outfits to compare them to models online.

Croia, who goes by @croiafitzpatrick on TikTok shared the clips to the popular social media platform.

She tried on a grey blazer in the first clip.

A beautiful pink tracksuit was then added to her collection, perfect for the colder seasons.

She tried on a black unitard and a zipper after that.

She also showed off some loungewear in a white hoodie and leopard print leggings.

People ran to the comments to share their opinions about the different outfits.

One person stated: “The black jumpsuit you are wearing is stunning!”

Another commented, “Love your second look”, while another added: “They look fabulous on you.”

Grace wasn't so sure about this dress, claiming the material felt cheap and certainly not worth the hefty price tag


Grace was not so certain about the dress. She claimed that the material felt cheap and definitely not worth the high price.Credit: TikTok/@gracetutty

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