I’m an elegance guru – here are the five tacky items you should never wear and why leather trousers are big no

As the weather changes, it’s likely you will be swapping out your summery dresses and sandals for chunky knits or boots.

If you’re always struggling to decide what to wear in the morning, you might want to pay attention.

Amira Bessette revealed five items to avoid wearing this Autumn


Amira Bessette reveals five items to avoid wearing in AutumnCredit: TikTok/@amira.bessette
Amira noted that she's not a fan of leather trousers


Amira has stated that she is not a big fan of leather pantsCredit: TikTok/@amira.bessette

Amira Bessette says there are five items that you should not wear in the Autumn to look stylish. This is especially true if your favorite trousers are leather.

Soon, as winter approaches, we will be donning cosy bearskins.

The elegance coach has taken TikTok.amira.bessette) to slam the comfy garment and noted that while it’s “adorable,” it “doesn’t belong to an elegant style”.

It’s impossible to do that. She explains that you should never make them appear sophisticated even if they are worn for casual everyday wear.

Amira says that light blue is the colour to avoid when choosing jeans.

She said, “There’s a lot of options but don’t buy this colour of jeans.”


I recommend white or dark blue.

The fashion enthusiast continues by saying that the offending jeans have been paired recently with over-the knee boots and ankle boots.

“I am sorry, but this just looks horrendous,” she says.

Leather trousers are next on Amira’s list of things to avoid.

“They seem very cheap to me, but I know that they are not,” she says. “They remind me of latex.”

“I wouldn’t recommend this if you wanted to wear any of the elegant style.”

Amira warns that chunky knitted scarves are also not for fashion-conscious women.

She says, “It looks warm and cozy and I would definitely use it as a blanket while sipping my chai in front of the fireplace.”

“If you want to look more stylish and sophisticated, do not wear them outdoors.”

Amira warns that cardigans printed with chains should be avoided at all costs.

She says, “Ok. That’s more a personal opinion.” This print looks tacky to my eyes.

I don’t think they are elegant. I would avoid them.

Since then, the post has gone viral. It has received thousands of views, and many social media users have commented in agreement.

“Thank god! “I never wear any of them,” one person wrote.

The second was: “Oh yeah, that’s jeans. Whatever the brand, price or outfit looks cheap and not stylish.”

A third person said: “Agreed!”

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