Katie Holmes Wore Sequined Zebra Pants, so Now I Want Sequined Zebra Pants

Katie Holmes is arguing for animal-pattern pants. I am open to hearing her arguments. The actor-producer attended the recent Michael Kors show in New York looking every inch the fashion professional…with one small exception. Holmes wore a black turtleneck with blazer and side-parting her hair. You can see her as Kate Middleton if you look closely.

Katie Holmes attends the Michael Kors fashion show during New York Fashion Week on February 15, 2023.

Katie Holmes attends Michael Kors Fashion Week in New York on February 15, 2023.


Her legs are going wild with the pants. This groovy pattern looks somewhere between zebra-striped or marbled black-and white. If you look closely, then you will see that the garment has tiny sequins. They are so comfortable, it’s hard to believe they can be seated in them. But the look is amazing.

Katie Holmes

Holmes was seated between Alan Cumming, whose book Holmes has praised on Insta, and Kate Hudson. Mindy Kaling, Anna Wintour, and Mindy Kaling were also nearby. Wintour was wearing a floor-length snakeskin jacket, and we can clearly see the fashion signals: Animal. Prints. Are. In.

Front row at Michael Kors runway show

Front row at Michael Kors runway event


Gotta say, this look is miles better than that blouse-dress-over-jeans thing that was happening a few months back. Yes, there are some good points. Dawson’s Creek Star has been a denim icon for decades. But, what happens when she swaps jeans for something more elegant? A month ago, she wore gold wide-leg pants that were shinier than anything we have ever seen. You know who “wears the pants” in Katie Holmes’s life? Katie does. Hopefully, she keeps doing so until NYC heats up, at which point we predict she’ll be back to “Sky’s out, thighs out.” Yep, she was on the no-pants trend months before these starlets, many of whom could learn a thing or two about elevated basics from her.

BRB, I need to dig out my cheetah top from my closet.

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