King Charles and Queen Camilla pose with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium

King Charles and Queen Camilla have hosted a reception at Windsor Castle in honour of the visiting King and Queen of Belgium.

The four royals were pictured standing together at the Berkshire home in a lavish event.

Queen Mathilde, 50, who earlier in the day sported a chic white cape dress with green floral detailing, looked effortlessly elegant for the reception in a bright pink pleated frock.

This attention-grabbing piece was cinched in the waist by a matching statement belt, and featured a longsleeve with a billowing sleeve. 

Camilla, who is 75 years old, chose a navy-blue dress that matched her husband. Charles, 74 years old, finished his stylish outfit with a lilac bow tie.

King Charles and Queen Camilla have hosted a reception at Windsor Castle in honour of the visiting King and Queen of Belgium (pictured together)

The King of Belgium and his Queen Camilla were invited to a reception hosted by King Charles and the Queen at Windsor Castle.

Earlier today, Queen Mathilde, showed off her style credentials in the smart white cape dress which featured a green floral print for the Founder’s Day ceremony in London.

She went out with her husband Founder’s Day is a celebration of the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s founding, which takes place every year almost since it opened in 1692. 

All Chelsea Pensioners attended the ceremony to celebrate King Charles II’s founding of the Royal Hospital. 

The Queen Mathilde finished her look with a pair of green heels and matching clutch. She wore her blonde locks pinned up under a chic green hat.

While King Philippe – a distant relative of the late Queen Elizabeth II – chose a uniform, it was a military one.  The royal was the Reviewing officer for the Founder’s Day celebration. 

The Royal Hospital Chelsea’s Founders Day, is also known as Oak Apple Day, in a nod to the escape of King Charles II after the Battle of Worcester – when he hid in an oak tree to avoid capture by the Parliamentary forces.

All Chelsea Pensioners are wearing oak leaves as a symbol on their scarlet uniforms.

It comes after King Philippe and his wife paid their respects to the late monarch at Westminster Hall last September.

Earlier today, Queen Mathilde of Belgium looked typically elegant in a chic dress alongside King Philippe in London

In London, earlier today, Queen Mathilde looked elegant and stylish in a chic outfit alongside King Philippe

The royal, 50, showed off her style credentials in the smart white cape dress which featured a green floral print for the Founder's Day ceremony

The royal showed off her style in a white cape dress with a floral green print at the Founder’s Day celebration.

The royal couple stepped out to celebrate the founding of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, which has taken place almost every year since the hospital opened in 1692, and is more commonly known as Founder's Day

The royal couple stepped outside to celebrate the founding day of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. This event has been held almost every year since 1692 when the hospital was founded, and it is also known as Founder’s Day.

Meanwhile, King Philippe, who is a distant cousin to the late Queen, opted for a military uniform

While King Philippe, a distant relative of the Queen who died, chose a uniform for military service

King Philippe and Queen Elizabeth II shared several common ancestors, including Franz, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, who was the grandfather of Queen Victoria and the father of King Leopold I of the Belgians. 

The Belgian Royal Couple appeared to be in a somber mood as they approached the coffin of the Queen who was lying in state.

The two are also related through King Christian IX, who is known as ‘the Grandfather of Europe’ because of his extensive family tree. Queen Elizabeth II was King Christian IX’s great-great-granddaughter. Philippe is his great-great-great-grandson.

In a joint statement issued shortly after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, they said:[The Queen] A person of extraordinary character.

“We will forever cherish fond memories of her who displayed courage, dignity and dedication throughout her reign. Our memories will be forever imprinted by each of our meetings.

We extend our sincere condolences both to the Royal Family of Britain and to the British people. Rest in Peace, Your Majesty. With your beloved husband.

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