Man shot dead, four others injured in different incidents

A man was gunned down and another was wounded in an incident in Korangi’s Nasir Jump area on Sunday. Another three people, including two minors were hurt in violence elsewhere in the city.

Details indicate that a man was killed in the Korangi region and another was injured in an accident. They were both taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. The deceased was identified by Muhammad Riaz, a 45-year old son of Ghulam Muhammad. While the injured was identified by Irshad Ahmed who is a son of Daim Din, 35-years-old.

SHO Aurangzeb Khattak said that Riaz was attacked by motorbike riders while Ahmed tried to capture them. They then shot at Ahmed.

The officer stated that neither the personal belongings of the dead nor the injured were taken by the police, suggesting that the attack was motivated purely by personal animus. The deceased was a local resident and worked as a contractor in a garment factory. An investigation has been launched and the case has been closed.

Separately Ali Sher, a 15-year-old son of Gul Sher suffered a serious injury to his hand from a knife during a fight at North Nazimabad. The incident took place under the Shahrah-e-Noorjahan station’s jurisdiction. He was transported to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

A separate incident occurred when Salma (6 years old), daughter of Khaliq was severely injured in an altercation in Sultanabad. She was taken to ASH. Mazhar, the son of Muhammad Shafi and 40 years old, was wounded in a firing incident in Baldia. He was transported to Dr Ruth KM Pfau Hospital Karachi (CHK).

One day earlier, a Bajaur Agency businessman and a labourer were both killed in an attack on violence that took place in various parts of the city. Four other people were also injured. Details indicate that a 55-year old man was shot to death in firing incident near Dhobi Ghat (Mianwali Niazi Muhalla), within the Pak Colony Police Station.

The victim’s body was then taken to the CHK. Khan Zareen, the son of Gul Amin Khan, was the last name given to the deceased. Police stated that the victim had just arrived from Bajaur. The victim had been robbed of his belongings in Mianwali Niazi Muhalla.

The family took the body of their loved one with them, without having to complete any medico-legal formalities. Police believe that the attack was motivated by personal animus. The investigation continues.

Separately, a worker was also stabbed to death in the vicinity of Al-Asif Square. Riaz Hussain (30 years old) was able to identify the body and was transported to ASH. According to police, the victim was using drugs with friends, and there had been a dispute between them. Hussain was then killed with a knife. Additional investigation is underway.

Mumtaz Ahmed (44-year-old son of Muhammad Ismail) was also seriously injured in another firing incident in Ahsanabad. According to the police officers, suspects shot him because he refused to mug him.

Separately Qamar Ali, the 45-year old son of Qadir was also injured while flying over Banaras. He was transported to ASH. According to police, the victim was hit by a stray bullet. Amna, six year old daughter of Ismail was hurt when a stray shot struck her in the Korangi region. She was transported by the JPMC. Additional investigation is ongoing.

Abdullah, 21, a son of Faisal was also shot and hurt in an attempt to rob Faisal on the Super Highway. He was transported to ASH. He is currently being investigated further. Meanwhile, a security guard gunned down a man for allegedly stealing from cars by breaking their windows on Khalid Bin Waleed Road, within the jurisdiction of the Ferozabad police station, while the thief’s accomplice was arrested in an injured condition.

According to police, the guard shot and killed a man of Afghan descent aged 30, before capturing his accomplice. He was then handed over to the police. They also recovered a weapon from the thief’s possession. The body was brought to the JPMC.

According to police, the victim had been stealing cars by breaking their windows. Lal Marjan, the guard, was taken into police custody, along with his gun. The incident was reported to police. The incident was also reported to police.

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