Maria Koch Breaks Down Her Intentions Behind the New Sloggi x 032c Workshop Collection

032c’s own Readytowear label often makes a case for fashion over function with collections featuring garish cuts and fine fabrics. It now focuses on making everyday-wearable garments in its latest collaboration, with Sloggi.

The September launch of the collection saw 11 loungewear staples such as oversized sweatshirts, sweatshirts, and slimline pants. The star piece was without doubt the boxy poncho which can double up as a warm blanket while on-the-go. The garments combined gave the wearer the opportunity to feel supported, comfortable and well-equipped in all environments.

Looking back on 032c Workshop’s most versatile collaboration yet, the brand’s creative director Maria Koch sits down with Hypebae for an exclusive interview. Read on to find out about her childhood connection with the brand, how the design process was done and what the collection means today for busybodies.

maria koch 032c readytowear workshop sloggi loungewear comfort interview clothing collection firenze pitti uomo

maria koch 032c readytowear workshop sloggi loungewear comfort interview clothing collection firenze pitti uomo

Please tell us about the process of Sloggi’s collaboration.

We had been looking for strong partners to make an underwear capsule. My dream partner was Sloggi — as a young teenager I was only wearing underwear by them, and I remember their comfort, quality, and minimal look. They came up with a very unique idea on loungewear that we decided not to do.

How does Sloggi’s “comfort-focused” brand mission overlap with the spirit of 032c Workshop?

The lockdown period saw the globalization of fashion and comfort, which was the catalyst for the collaboration between Sloggi & 032c. These trends in fashion have influenced Sloggi’s brand of underwear, making it the most popular in the world. It is the perfect place to start this new category of loungewear that combines comfort, form, and fashion with 032c as its creative leader.

What were your primary goals before you began designing?

It needed to be super simple. Comfortable and strong enough to wear outside for a strong casual look.

What role do the silhouettes and shapes of the garments play in this overall focus?

Our efforts were perfectly captured in the poncho. It can be used as a blanket or wrapped around yourself to make a garment. The jersey feels soft and brushed on the inside. The silhouette in black is clean and simple with a subtle 3D print. The other pieces can be layered and are conceptual. The pieces work well with each other and all look great together. Admittedly, there’s a little wild outsider — the hand dyed socks. I feel it’s always very attractive to have a disruptive moment.

How would you imagine people wearing the garments each day?

These pieces can be worn indoors, out, and in public. These pieces allow for freedom and flexibility.

What does this collection say about our modern lifestyles? How do we dress?

A base is essential for dressing individually. Comfort is the main focus of current fashion. I think we’re in the Under-Pressure-State-of-Mind Age. It is essential to complete something, do something, or follow some instructions.

The idea of rest is only possible when you actively choose to do it. This is particularly true if you choose active rest, such as yoga or walking for long periods of time. Our pieces make wonderful companions for these kinds of desires. It is important to prioritize the need for reduction, withdrawal, and to be with yourself whenever possible.

Online shop the Sloggix 032C Workshop range.

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