Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power shocks fans after stepping out with a ‘baby bump’ following split from boyfriend Connor Thompson

Jessika power, from Married At First Sight, shocks fans by stepping out in public with a baby bump following her split from boyfriend Connor Thompson

Jessika power, star of Married at First Sight, recently separated from her long-term boyfriend Connor Thompson.

This week, the Australian reality TV star stunned fans by wearing a slinky gown that seemed to highlight a “baby bump”.

Some of Jessika’s Instagram followers asked her if she had a baby after seeing the photos on her page. 

“You look like you have a tiny baby bump. Will you be having a baby with your London partner?” One fan quizzed another.

One person added, “I thought that it was also a baby bump.” We are very happy for her.

Married At First Sight star Jessika Power shocked fans after stepping out this week with what appeared to be a 'baby bump' to some

Jessika, the star of Married At First Sight shocked fans when she stepped out in public this week with a bump that appeared to some to be a baby.

Many other fans, however pointed out that her dress was the cause of this optical illusion.

The figure-hugging clothing featured a print that looked like a woman’s naked body. It made it appear as if she had a tiny belly.

Jessika confirmed last month that her English partner and she had decided to split after two-years, saying the decision was mutual.

Connor confirmed his split with Daily Mail Australia, on 22 June.

The figure-hugging garment featured a print of a woman's nude body, creating an optical illusion which made it look like she had a small belly

The body-hugging garment had a print that looked like a woman’s naked body. This created an optical effect, giving the appearance of a small abdomen.

Last month, Jessika confirmed that she'd split with her English boyfriend Connor Thompson after two years

Jessika revealed last month that she had split from her English boyfriend Connor Thompson following two years.

Jessika unfollowed the man she was dating on Instagram. She also announced her intention to move to Australia.

She also asked her Instagram followers to recommend a company that would bring her belongings to her home.

The reality star shared on Instagram a quote about “happiness and Respect”.

“Staying with someone just because you like them is not worth it. Not only is love important, but it’s not enough. Respect is the only thing you need. You need time. What you need is reassurance. Happiness is the answer. The article read, “What you really need is your best friend.”

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