Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan’s Paisley Print Shirt From Besharam Rang Song Can Be Yours for Rs 500 – Here’s How!

Would you love to own something? Pathan’sBesharam Rang? Wow…so controversial! No, not the unpopular bikini. We’re talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s Paisley print shirt. That shirt looked super cool on the actor. Many men who don’t like floral prints can learn from SRK how to style it and what to pair it with. Guess what? For as little as Rs 500, you can have a copy of the same. Shah Rukh Khan’s Photo With Actor Diganta Hazarika Goes Viral, Fans Wonder if It’s From the Sets of Pathan.

A shopping platform selling fake green floral shirt Shah Rukh Khan for Rs 513 is an online one. You will also find many other online shopping sites selling the same product if you do more Google searches.

Visit the Sale Page

Copy of Shah Rukh Khan’s shirt, Besharam Rang, Pathan (Photo credit to Meesho).

Let’s now give you some background information about this designer shirt. It’s also a RK print. Many have expressed interest in it by commenting on their post about SRK’s shirt. The price of the custom-made shirt is not listed on their website because it is custom-made. Shah Rukh Khan Explains How Siddharth Anand’s ‘Pathaan’ Came to Life in His Insta Live (Watch Video).

Here are Ritu’s Real Designs

You have to choose between a fake and a real shirt. Well, the designer shirt looks quite dandy on Shah Rukh Khan, so choose wisely!

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