Review: Altura Grid Men’s Waterproof Half Zip Softshell Hoodie

The Altura Grid Men’s Waterproof Half Zip Softshell Hoodie is a very good option for days between 5-14°C, provided there’s no heavy rain forecast. It has a DWR coating but it’ll only stand up to light showers – it can’t compete with the best waterproof cycling jackets. Although it’s intended for commuters, it would be great on local trails. It’s very snug and warm, and the softshell material is very breathable – even when you’re motoring it keeps you at the right temperature.

Altura’s hoodie was designed to be worn both on and off the bike. It looks great, and my wife instantly commented that it reminded her of a 90s tracksuit. It can be either a good or bad thing depending on how many of the 90s you have.

It comes in two colours – Carbon/Olive as well as the Blue/Grey on test – and is available in a wide range of sizes, from S-3XL. The tail has a substantial reflectivity, as well as strips around the lower arms and one at the tail.

2022 Altura Grid Men's Waterproof Half Zip Softshell Hoodie - back.jpg

Two zip pockets are included for keeping your hands warm and stuff stowed.

2022 Altura Grid Men's Waterproof Half Zip Softshell Hoodie - zipped pocket.jpg

Altura describes the jacket as an ‘urban softshell sweater and a warm layer for colder days’. It was definitely cosy. I felt it as soon as it was pulled over my head. This feeling of being cosseted can be accentuated by the thermal fleece fleece on the interior, which is designed for warmth to be retained, but air to flow in.

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The fabric is not able to regulate temperature like other garments. However, it does have some good breathability. I was able, even when riding hard, to maintain my core temperature without sweating excessively. It felt great overall.

I did notice, however, that as soon as you stop, you get very hot – the hoodie definitely relies on cold air passing through the material to cool the core. On particularly bitter and windy days, that might prove to be too much, but you could easily use the jacket down to about 5°C without issue, provided you wear suitable thermal layers underneath. It felt comfortable up to about 14°C, which is where I would probably place its temperature ceiling.

The half zip lets you adjust the temperature on the fly and is easy to use while on the move.

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The hood keeps you warm and snug when temperatures drop. While the hood can be adjusted for fit, it doesn’t have any adjustability at your waist. I found it to be sufficient in my case.

Although the fit is slim, as I’ve experienced with other Altura garments, it feels slightly too small. The size I tested was XL. However, I could have shopped for an XXL to get more room. My preference is for the sleeves to be a little longer, but I have very long arms.

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Good cut, good coverage for your back when you are riding.

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Altura’s hoodie is weather-resistant. I found it effective when the rain was very light. But, as soon as the rain drops got heavier or larger, it would become more difficult to get rain through. This is to be expected from a garment that doesn’t have a proper membrane.


Altura’s Grid jacket can be compared with a lot of casual hoodies in the casual hoodie section.

Although the Endura Hummvee Hoodie may be more casual, Matt Lamy felt it provided decent on-bike performance. It’s a bit cheaper, by £20, but there’s no DWR coating.

Admittedly, BTwin’s Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket is a jacket, not a hoodie, but yours truly thought it offered a similar performance, and it’s only £49.99. You get more windproofing but much less breathability. But it is the clear winner in high-visibility.


Although it’s perhaps a little on the expensive side for a hoodie, the Altura does perform very well – it’s warm and breathable, and the DWR is a decent bit of backup in case the weather doesn’t play ball. This is a great choice for commuters, both on and off the bike.


A great commuter hoodie, that looks good and works well

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Make and model: Altura Grid Men’s Half Zip Waterproof Softshell Hoodie

Let us know what jacket you are using and to whom it is intended. What does the manufacturer say about it? How does it compare with your own opinions?

Altura states, “The Altura Grid Men’s Cycling Softshell for Men is an urban softshell jacket and a warm layer when the temperature drops.” DWR coating provides protection against unexpected showers. Thermal grid fabric traps warmth to keep you warm while allowing air to circulate to avoid overheating. With zipped pockets on the hands and a relaxed hood, this style gives you a relaxed and casual look. This layering piece is versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Please tell us more about the technical features of the jacket.

Altura lists:

DWR coating to repel water

Thermal grid fleece traps warmth and allows air to circulate.

Adjustable hood

1/2 zip style

Zipped hand pockets

For signalling, reflective print is used in key areas

You will feel relaxed

100% Polyester

You can rate the jacket for its quality of construction


Performance rating of the jacket:


It is very comfortable, especially in terms breathability.

For durability, rate the jacket:


It has been freed from stains and, although it hasn’t been subject to any more rigorous than commuters, it is holding up well.

Based on the rating of the manufacturer, rate the jacket for waterproofing:


As you might expect, the DWR repels water. However, because it lacks a membrane, it can only do so much.

The manufacturer’s rating will determine how comfortable the jacket is.


It’s very good, although you may feel hot when you stop riding.

The jacket’s fit rating:


It’s a decent cut. The sleeves are quite slim. There is still room to add a few layers. The sleeves could be a little longer but that’s not an issue. The tail is also cut for cycling.

The jacket size rating:


Weight rating:


It is quite heavy but you would expect that with a hoodie.

The jacket’s comfort rating is:


Very comfy and snug – you’ll want to grab this when it looks chilly outside.

Value rating:


Although it is a hoodie, it is quite expensive. However, it provides a lot more performance than regular hoodies.

How easy is it to care for the jacket? How does it react to being washed

No issues at 30°

Let us know how your jacket performed when you used it for its intended purpose.

This softshell hoodie is warm and cozy. Even though the DWR coating is fine in light rain, you will want to have a backup just in case.

We want to know your favorite thing about the jacket

This makes you feel so comfortable.

Let us know your favorite thing about the jacket


How does the price compare with similar products on market, including recently tested ones on the

It’s slightly pricier than Endura’s Hummvee Hoodie, which is £20 less and offers similar performance, albeit with more off-bike than on-bike focus. The BTwin Men’s Warm Reversible Cycling Jacket is even cheaper at £50, but it’s definitely more of a jacket than a hoodie.

Have you enjoyed wearing the jacket? Yes

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Would you recommend the jacket? Yes

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The Altura is a great casual commuting jacket that can be worn on and off the bike. It’s comfortable in all areas and stylish too.

Age: 39  Height: 6’4  Weight: 175lbs

I often ride: Condor Italia RC custom build  My best bike is:

I’ve been riding for: 10-20 Years  I ride: A few times per week  I would consider myself to be: Experienced

I often do these types of riding: Commuting, touring. Club rides. Sportives. Mtb.

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