Study by Indonesia’s Number 1 Social Commerce Platform, Evermos, Highlighted Big Potential from Local Hijab Producers to Make a National Economic Impact

BANDUNG, Indonesia, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During the past couple of weeks, “Artikel Hijab Evermos” (Evermos’ Hijab Artikel) has become one of the most discussed topics among Twitter users in Indonesia. The research-based article, which was published at the, reveals the enormous national economic potential of hijab manufacturing. World Economic Forum The WEF shows that there were a lot of hijab transactions. Indonesia It reaches 1.02 Billion Pieces per Year, which is equivalent to more than $6.09 Billion. However, 25% of the products in circulation were created by local industries. This means that there is still a lot of economic potential to be exploited.

Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) Anwar Abbas

Anwar Abbas is the Deputy Chairman of Indonesian Ulema Council, Majelis Ulama Indonesia

The Ministry of Home Affairs has shown that around 86.9% of Indonesians are Moslems. Raymond Chin, CEO & Founder TernakuangIn his YouTube channel, he highlighted the article by pointing out that “The Syariah market is an unexplored giant.” Although it has enormous potential, only a few have been able to maximize its potential by the Indonesian MSME player players.

Evermos, the author of the trending article, is a social commerce that focuses on halal products and has  the vision to facilitate entrepreneurs while promoting the growth of local brands and MSMEs. Evermos sees the potential for economic development in the MSME industry and is looking forward to more people supporting local products including hijab.

Ghufron Mustaqim, CEO & Co-Founder Evermos, In an interview, he stated that “The contributions made by social commerce to the Indonesian economic are substantial.” $12 billion. Evermos, the #1 social commerce site Indonesia Today’s goal is to increase our contribution towards the national economy as well as helping local brands to sell halal products through out reseller network.

Evermos and Evermos have teamed up to enhance the potential for the local hijab business. Hanung Bramantyo is a well-known film producer A documentary has been launched by the company. This short film tells the stories about the hijab industry. IndonesiaFrom business owners to MSMEs, fashion designers, material cutters, tailors and all the way up to the CEOs of these businesses, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga UnoThis film has a running time of less than 25 minutes and features the views of Mr.. The documentary can be viewed on Evermos YouTube channel or via via .

A domestic hijab market can help to create a snowball effect that promotes the national economy

Evermos’ Hijab article not only highlights the potential of the local hijab market on a large scale but also provides a deeper analysis of the micro side. Although it may seem simple, the process of making a hijab is complex and involves many aspects of society.

ZM Zaskia Mecca is a local hijab brand and Moslem clothing brand. It has an average monthly sales volume around 70,000 pieces, with an average cost of $70. $5.97 per item. They use a combination cloud manufacturing and traditional fabrication to produce their goods in the United States.

Haykal KamilZM Zaskia Mecca CEOInterview with… “First, we would buy materials from manufacturers. Then we will print patterns on the fabrics or dye them before we distribute them to our production centres.” We have several production centers and partner tailors.

The garment company, founded by Yus Ansari is the owner of Ansania. Yus created a cost-efficient and effective production system with a total output rate of up to 150,000 clothing items per day, with the flexibility to cater to the changes of market demand as well as the ability and commitment to  maintaining quality.

Yus separated the hijab production work into two groups. The first is for low-intensity, but easy work. The second is for work that requires high skill. The factory handles the more difficult tasks. You can access and share the entire system with other companies remotely. ZM Zaskia Mecca, located 150 km away from Yus’ company, did this. This is called cloud manufacturing.

Yus further explained the production process he created by saying that “we set up warehouses to store our products in rural areas and then outsource the work to thousands of people in the nearby communities.” The semi-finished products from this factory will then be finished and distributed to retailers. Every product is covered by this system. $2.39 The village can benefit from the income earned by one item of product.

The syariah potential to drive the economy, while local products play the crucial role in driving the economy

According to data from the WEF, spending on Mode modest Islamic fashion like hijab has seen a 5.7% increase in 2021 $279 billion To $295 billion. It is projected to increase by 6% in the coming year. $313 billion.

Sandiaga Uno responded to the data by saying, “This projection verifies that there is a global hijab market.” This potential must be maximized in order to create jobs and business opportunities.

This is the Islamic fashion industry, which is just one of many types of products targeted at the Moslem market. There are still many opportunities for products like travel, cosmetics and food.

Hartati, Evermos Reseller from BandungWhen she first started selling,, shared her story. “I learned how to upload products to Evermos the first day that I joined Evermos. The next day I put into practice what I learned to promote the travel prayer mat. Alhamdulillah, Thank goodness, I sold five pieces of the mat that day.

Evermos, a social commerce platform that also acts as a reseller platform was founded with the tagline “Another way to make money.”Every Moslem has daily needs“. Evermos now offers over 100,000 quality halal products from at least 1,000 local brands. You can access all of the products through the application. They are also available for sale to hundreds of thousands of resellers so that they reach more people. Indonesia.

Ghufron stated, “There are 9,000,000 people in Indonesia People who are yet to find a job. There will be more opportunities for business and jobs if we can produce more domestically produced products.

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Tentang Evermos

Evermos is the #1 social commerce platform in India Indonesia Based on research by Tech in and Populix AsiaResellers may sell various products from MSMEs or local brands to consumers. Evermos is dedicated to supporting the Government in creating an inclusive economy and digital transformation. It also provides a platform for anyone who wants to make extra income, beyond Tier 1 cities, by becoming a reseller through one application.

Evermos presents a one-stop application that provides product interfaces, catalogs (sales & marketing kits), digital payment pages, and logistics. Evermos allows resellers to improve their sales and marketing skills through ongoing and continuous training by professional trainers. Evermos currently has more than 500,000 active resellers. Indonesia More than 1000 local brand partners were involved in the collaboration.

Evermos raised $13 million in 2021 $30 million in Series B financing. It was also nominated in the Forbes Asia 100 To Watch in the Asia-Pacific Due to its ability to implement social change and scale-up despite the pandemics, region. Evermos is also a member the Global Innovator for World Economic Forum and actively takes part in discussions about the global economy, particularly in the MSME sector.

Evermos was able to achieve five accomplishments in 2022: Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, winner the International 3G Championship Award For Women Empowerment from Cambridge IFA DubaiAfter an extensive and rigorous evaluation process, Endeavor Entrepreneur received the 2022 Transformational Business Awards of Financial Times (part of World Bank Group), and UN Women 2022 Indonesia Women Empowerment Principles Awards to Transparency and Reporting.

To find out more about Evermos’s products and services, please visit the official website page at

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