Textile suppliers to turn spotlight on innovation at Interwoven

HIGH POINT — Textile manufacturers are bringing nature-inspired hues and sustainability strategies to this fall’s 2022 Interwoven show, Nov. 13-16.

The introduction of fabric is showcasing calming neutrals, skyblues, and botanical greens to provide comfort for consumers looking for peace of thought and calm in their homes. Bold designs are also being used. Many showrooms will tell a sustainability story in order to appeal to growing consumer preference for eco-friendly products.

Covington_FT_Aziza cropped

Covington Fabric’s Aziza is globally inspired with a woven velvet jacquard carpet design.

Covington Fabric and Design Three key introductions are available to highlight:

Wooly Booly has an exaggerated texture boucle that rivals chunky wool’s look and feel. Available in eight colors, Wooly Booly offers a strong visual appeal and durable construction.

The all-over floral composition, Composition, is a contemporary floral print that resembles a mosaic of art. Nondirectional design layout printed on 100% two-way cotton ground. The design surface texture is enhanced by the use of natural stone and beach glasses palettes.

Aziza is a woven velvet jacquard carpet that has been inspired by the world.

“The fabric has achieved varied surface dimension with dramatic highs and lows through the design’s surface,” said Stefanie Wotton, vice president marketing and contract services, Covington Fabrics. “We kept the palette of Aziza very monochromatic but bold for easier decorating possibilities. This handsome carpet design is available in three colorways that can bring a touch of worldly inspiration to any room décor.”

Crypton Fabric’s Wabi Sabi will be launching and Performance Recycled Cottons are the other key launches.

Wabi Sabi refers to blue-and-white porcelain’s long history and the idea of combining the perfect with the imperfect. This idea was embraced by Crypton’s design team as they decided this collection’s patterns and colors, as well as in its eco-friendly details. Wabi Sabi fabrics are woven at Crypton Mills on Broad River and are Greenguard certified for sustainability.

Continuing in its commitment to sustainability, Crypton’s Performance Recycled Cottons are an ode to honoring the planet with its 50% to 70% usage of cotton from the garment industry that would have otherwise been destined for a landfill.

“It is more about a combination of sustainability; it is not just about performance in the old sense of it. The market is starting to demand a greater sustainability story, so we have started to utilize recycled cottons,” said Jack Eger, senior vice president, Crypton. “We have recycled cotton that we have had in our line for two years, and we are continuing to build on that story. Fabrics in this line use cotton from fast fashion and fabric waste that goes through sorting, cleaning and is respun into new yarn.”

Valdese Sustain Heathered Cloud Yarn, cropped

Valdese Weaver’s Sustain Performance Fabrics Cloud Yarn has a low carbon footprint and is cleanable using soap and water or diluted bleach.

Valdese Weavers It also recognizes the importance of sustainable efforts in its products. The Sustain Performance Fabrics Cloud Yarn has a durable design and a low carbon footprint. It can be washed with soap/water or diluted bleach. The palette features soft, soothing hues that are naturally inspired by nature, such as creams or pale grays or charcoals.

“We are really excited to highlight our growing sustainable product offerings, especially our Seaqual + InsideOut Performance Fabrics,” said Christy Almond, vice president product development and marketing, Valdese Weavers. “We are committed to growing our sustainable toolbox, so we are offering the most innovative yet beautiful products that minimize the impact on the resources we share.”

In addition, Valdese is introducing a spunky collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Kaite Merz, who not only created two statement murals for Valdese’s newly renovated conference space, but also artwork for some new Seaqual Initiative fabrics from upcycled marine plastic. These graphic designs will be featured in Valdese’s Interwoven collection as finished upholstery/pillows, and one of Merz’s original series of panels will be on view at the Valdese Hamilton showroom as well as some of her licensed skateboard designs.

Ultrasuede The company is keeping bold visuals in the forefront of its Ultrasuede HP fabric collection, which includes 14 new colors in upholstery weight fabrics. They include themes such as modern coastal and vibrant Earth.

This updated coastal collection is perfect for relaxed and casual interiors. The gray undertones give it a modern touch of sophistication. Ultrasuede, instead of the traditional blue-and white theme, will use colors like Dark Navy and Blue Daisy, Silver Gray, Ice Blue, and Rose Quartz in combination with shades such Lilac and Rose Quartz.

To bring out the brighter tones of earth, sienna and sunset shades can be made in colors such as Berry Rose, Cove, Sunflower, and are balanced by other natural-like hues, like Carbon Gray or Lotus Green.

Furthermore, Ultrasuede’s parent company, Toray Inds., is committed to addressing global environmental challenges through plant-based technology, which is now used to produce Ultrasuede. Toray began by replacing 14% of the material’s full construction with plant-based polyester content and has grown that figure to 30% this year with a goal of using 100% plant-based polyester in the future.

STI - color brigade collection

STI Fabric’s Color Brigade Collection plays with primary colors and the frenetic energy of mid-century modern design found in 60’s and 70’s fabrics.

STI Fabrics It will bring two new collections with different boucles to its showroom.

Glen Read Design’s Global Transitions Collection features six fabrics that are inspired by the earthy colors and designs of African mud cloths, aboriginal sand painting, and Navajo blankets from the early 19th-century.

“We are celebrating the genius of these ancient cultures and their techniques in weaving while breathing new life into the genre,” said Glen Read, design director, STI. “We’ve hoped to achieve this end by using highly innovative and highly sustainable component yarns to create dazzling new fabrics with a nod to the past and an eye on the future.”

The Color Brigade collection by Glen Read Design features five fabrics and takes inspiration from the playful quality of primary colors and frenetic energy of mid-century modern design found in ’60s and ’70s fabrics. This collection is also equipped with the Revolution performance and sustainability story.

Milliken Textiles The re:Discover Collection is back in November with new fabrics. This collection debuted at the spring 2022 interwoven show. The collection now offers a wide range of options to enhance its global appeal. The new fabrics are inspired from tribal weaves and bring an air of adventure into your home. The collection’s new color palettes and textures express diverse landscapes from desert dunes to seacoasts.

“Interwoven is always such an exciting few days for our team at Milliken. It’s a great opportunity for us to get market feedback, and we have some really exciting new patterns in our re:Discover Milliken collection to show off,” said Maida Cameron, director of design, Milliken Décor.

“Our design team put a lot of effort into identifying the right patterns, textures and colors for the marketplace,” she said, “and it’s going to be great seeing people’s reaction to them in-person. Of course, it’s always a pleasure to reconnect with customers and meet the new faces in the industry. As we all continue to recover from the past few years, we’re hopeful for a great turnout.”

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