The 7 Best New Knitwear Brands of 2022

When you think of top-quality knitwear, the legacy names likely first come to mind—from Loro Piana to Brunello Cucinelli. Perhaps even The Row, with its oversized blanket sweaters (opens new tab) and shrouding turtlenecks (opens new tab)You should be putting this one on your top list. It’s a reliable classic. When you turn to a Missoni or Marni, you know you’re getting pristine craftsmanship and will have a great sweater (Opens in new tab You can add to your collection. But the next generation of knitwear designers has arrived—and they don’t necessarily play by the old rules.

The most innovative knitwear brands are redefining the industry niche and pushing it in a more balanced, sometimes even unconventional direction. They don’t just make high-quality knits, but also ensure that ethical and sustainable practices are maintained and that the industry is listening to what they have. 

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