Vancouver Box Manufacturer Offers Wholesale Colour Carton Packaging to Make Unboxing Memorable

These wholesale folding carton boxes can withstand extreme storage and packing conditions.

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Richmond, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 11/18/2022 — Buying online is the trend—it could be candy, perfume, candles, cosmetics, or food, but what’s the best way to ship? Racer Boxes provides wholesale carton packaging in Vancouver for clients who are discerning and want to enhance the unboxing experience. For more, go to

The box for outside-the-box-thinkers, colour carton packaging from Racer Boxes comes in four stocks, each suitable for different applications:

– Solid Bleach Sulphate
– Solid Unbleached Sulfate
– Folding Box Board
– Coated Recyclable Board

Many styles can be customized to fit different items. You can use the Solid Bleach Sulphate straight-line style to make perfume or candy. Straight-line boxes can be used for products that have to be inserted on both ends. It is the quintessential candy box—a similar type used for Nerds or Junior Mints. This solid bleach sulphate stock is ideal for premium goods that require slick packaging.

Racer Printing and Manufacturing’s foldable carton boxes are built to withstand extreme storage and packing conditions. Racer Boxes’ folding boxes are made in Richmond, British Columbia with high-precision machinery. They can be customized to suit your shipping needs and preferences.

All folding carton boxes are made from paperboard. It is a paper-based material which can be easily cut to create custom shapes. Paperboard is light weight and can be used for food packaging and product packaging. There are some styles that don’t require assembly. Some stock stocks can also be printed in full color.

Racer Printing and Manufacturing can provide more information about customized folding carton boxes. Call 604-270-8205 for more details [email protected] Just a click away is the right folding carton box solution.

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Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing are the leading cardboard box manufacturer in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State, USA. Corrugated cardboard boxes of the highest quality delivered directly to your company. All corrugated boxes are made in Canada. We offer services such as corrugated glued box / Kraft agricultural boxes, bakery boxes, box delivery and box printing.

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