What A Digital Strategist in the Art World Wears in A Week

You are welcome to Style DiariesThe series is called ‘Realizing our Closet Tours IRL’. We’re asking friends and tastemakers to show us what they’re *actually* wearing during the week and to provide a little insight into their thoughts on personal style.

JiaJia Féi, a digital strategist for the art industry, has three distinct personality types when it comes to dressing. “I literally have three closets for these three personalities,” she says. She has one collection that is everyday athleisure-oriented, and she says it is her default when she doesn’t have anything else. “It’s all black and white, homogenous looking gym clothes, unless it’s summer then everything is neon.” The next persona is more work-oriented. This persona will wear a lot more formal attire and suits. (Though we’d advise you to disregard whatever corporate imagery has popped into your head; Fei’s suits are made of materials like pink wool or blue corduroy). The third manifestation of the creative’s style persona is the most vibrant—”all statement, wacky dresses, prints,” she clarifies. Her roster of events in the art world provides the perfect platform to express this kind of expression. “I’ve sort of created these three different archetypes of my life, given what I need to dress for,” she explains. “Like, pick your fighter—which persona am I going to be today?”

Creative expression is encouraged when it comes to art events. “I’m often dressed in a way that acknowledges a creative appreciation for aesthetics and a community of people who are just very sensitive to their own aesthetic surroundings,” Fei contextualizes. So I’m often thinking about what I’m wearing in an art context.” She and other guests are often heavily photographed in these spaces, as well. So Fei has the added element that she and her fellow patrons are leaving a mark on the art world’s history. “I feel like when people look at a record of the art world in this era, it’s going to be obviously the work, but then [also] the people who come to the openings and come to celebrate and support the artists,” she muses. “Fashion is as much a part of the story as is the actual artwork that you’re celebrating.”

Take a look at 1: Work meetings

Photos by JiaJia Féi

“I’ve been really into suits because there’s so much intentionality in any type of two-piece garment. It just feels like each day has a purpose. To feel dressed for the day, I will put on a suit whenever I go to client meetings or Zoom. While they are known for being boring, there are many fun suits. A suit with texture, a color, and a suit that can be worn with something completely unexpected. The leopard dress I wore underneath was not very common, but it is a great way for me to feel confident and resolute. I also think it allows you to have fun with color combinations and other unusual combinations. Adam Selman sunglasses complete the look. [x Le Specs]. They’re my go-to accessory.

“I have never been someone who has been good at hair and makeup. This is why I’ve always had the same style. The front of my hair is the same as always. These bangs have been my trademark for years, and I let the rest of hair grow. My makeup is simple and timeless. I’ve always had the same lipstick too, because one year, I bought a specific lipstick—Mac Ruby Woo—for a Halloween costume. I really loved how it looked, so I just continued to wear it every day.”

Winter Brights – Look 2

Photos by JiaJia Féi

“This winter, I have been trying to [wear less black] You need to be creative as winter can be dark and depressing in New York. If I have something bright but warm, it lifts my spirits and makes me want to get out there and do things. I try to really change up the very dark season that we’re in.”

Take 3: Reimagining Day to Night

Photos by JiaJia Féi

“I wore this for a dinner, and I think in the same way that color really helps me get through winter, animal prints have also been a way of subconsciously making me feel warm. I find that texture helps me to get through the season. This was something that was really comfortable and that I could continue to wear from a workday into the evening for dinner.”

Take a look at these 4 Birthday Dinners

Photos by JiaJia Féi

“Another animal print dress! This was the dress I wore for my birthday. I was looking for something fun and classic but also very statement. I went to that restaurant, Milos, the Greek restaurant—I’m also obsessed with their spiral staircase. It was the scene with the animal print that inspired me. It’s difficult to find winter boots that are both interesting and practical. Tabis go well with almost everything. They are very comfortable for me. They’re always my go-to when it gets cold out.”

Look at the 5th:

Photos by JiaJia Féi

“This is my boyfriend’s dog. While I was last in Korea, I came across this super funny Supreme dog vest. Required To get. Then I realized that both of us had red puffers so I chose to wear my puffer for him. I used to just always wear all black, but I feel like just having one statement outerwear piece, even if it’s the sweatpants I wear to the gym, really uplifts my day and makes it more exciting.”

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