Why This Land’s End Nightgown Is One of My Wardrobe Staples

I’ve always loved fashion, but one thing I don’t love is the discomfort that often comes with dressing fashionably. If I’m in a constricting garment, I start to feel physically awkward — even if the piece looks chic. And don’t get me started on the pain of high heels. As many others, I embraced sweatshirts and leggings during the pandemic. I still prefer them to jeans to these days. But there’s one piece in particular that has become a staple for me in recent years: my Land’s End Supima cotton nightgown. Here are some reasons why you should give nightgowns, instead of matching PJ sets and sweats, a chance.

A Brief History Of The Nightgown

For centuries, nightgowns were a staple of women’s wardrobes. The FIDM Museum, a museum that specializes in fashion, says that “at different historical times, the term “nightgown” referred to a loose dress worn by men, an evening gown worn by women, or a day dress.” It’s been through many iterations! In the 16th century “nightclothes” were common for both men and woman. Jane Austen captured that nightgowns grew in popularity during the Regency period. Nightgowns became more provocative in the 20th century due to the liberation from the roaring ’20s. The pandemic even brought about a renewed interest, with the advent of the so-called “Nap Dress” — a similarly casual and comfy garment that can be worn both in and out of the bedroom.

What makes the Land’s End nightgown so special

It can be difficult finding a nightgown that fits well. As comfort and utility are my main priorities, I didn’t want anything frilly or too sexy. A lot of nightgowns — with their ruffles, buttons, or difficult-to-wash fabrics — just feel too fussy to me. I stumbled upon the Land’s End nightgown when I was looking for something to replace an oversized, increasingly tattered hand-me-down New York Rangers shirt I’d been wearing to sleep for years. Enter the nightgown: The first one I bought was the Cotton Short Sleeve Knee-Length Nightgown Dress (Buy from Land’s End, prices vary) in a navy paisley print.

It looks almost like an oversized tshirt, with a flared bottom. It feels put-together enough to keep on for a quick run to the mailbox — and I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely worn it on Zoom calls before. This nightgown is durable and can withstand hundreds of washings. It still feels soft and smooth as the day it was purchased.

Nightgown on hanger

One of my Land’s End evening gowns.Abbey Bender

The Lands End nightgown is made of cotton, a natural fiber and ideal fabric for this kind of garment because it’s soft, gentle on the skin, and won’t leave you dripping in the middle of the night. More specifically, it’s made of 100 percent Supima cotton, which is rarer than regular cotton; according to Land’s End, this American-grown variety is “farmed to minimize environmental impact” and has “fibers [that] are 50 percent longer than standard cotton, so yarns are stronger, softer, less prone to fraying or pilling, and hold color longer.” Comfort, durability, and sustainability: What’s not to love?

There are many other options for nightgowns if you don’t like the Land’s End one. A plaid flannel nightgown by L.L. is a great choice if you want something warm for winter. Bean (Buy at L.L. Bean, $79) — it’s a winter classic that pairs well with a mug of hot chocolate. The Cool-jams moisture-wicking sleeveless, sleeveless nightgown is a must-have for anyone suffering from hot flashes or nighttime sweats. (Buy Cool-jams, $55). This nightgown promises to “absorb moisture”, keep skin cool and comfortable throughout the night, and eradicate body odor-causing bacteria. Sometimes you just need a beautiful nightgown to make you feel like royalty. The floral Summer Breeze Ballet nightgown by Eileen West is $74.

The Bottom Line

Are you still on the fence? What if I told you that there’s a Land’s End nightgown for everyone? You can choose from long-sleeved or short-sleeved versions (I prefer short sleeves), or both short and mid-calf lengths (I own both). You can choose from sizes extra small to large, as well as petite, tall and plus-size options. The nightgowns are available in a variety of colors and patterns — stripes, animal print, floral, plaid, and more. For an additional fee, you can personalize your nightgown by adding a monogram.

But what really makes this nightgown worth buying is the fact that it’s pretty much always on sale. Land’s End has discount codes available on their site almost every day, and my last nightgown purchase set me back only $25. The list price for one of these is over $50 — but truth be told, I’ve never paid anywhere near that. Not only is the price right, the ease of wear can’t be beat. In fact, I’m wearing my nightgown as I write this.

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