5 gorgeous bridal collections for the non-traditional bride

The Designer

Jacinta, the lady behind Purple Peach is a designer of beautiful bridal wear. She has been working in her Monaghan Studio for more than 20 years. From a young age, fashion was a passion for Carter. In university, she studied textiles in Galway and fashion design in Limerick, and, shortly after, she designed both her sister’s and her own wedding gowns. Her beautiful gown won her designer and alternative designer awards in the next two years.


In Jacinta’s latest collection, she offers a more sustainable option for Irish brides. “The biggest carbon impact of my business is the fabric, so I have challenged myself to only use recycled fibres, new technology fibres (such as Rose Silk made from waste rose petals), organic threads and recycled polyester (rPET) for all the lining. 

“Using recycled fabric is hugely beneficial to the planet, with rPET estimated to save between 70-80% emissions compared to virgin polyester and to save around 50% of energy in the production process. Its other benefit is the diversion of plastic waste from landfills and oceans with post-consumer bottles used to produce the fabric after being melted down and spun – 1kg of rPET uses around 60 plastic bottles.”


Jacinta describes her alternative bridal wear collection as “feminine, ethereal and contemporary.” The award-winning designer draws inspiration from nature, flowers, birds and natural blends of colour. Every piece she designs is unique. “Every dress becomes a one-off Each bride receives a unique piece. We meet with each bride individually to discuss her style and vision for their wedding day. A woman’s personality and experience have to be taken into account as part of the overall design. 

“For example, I had a bride who had lost her father and was very upset about the fact that he wouldn’t be with her on her wedding day. I thought there was a way to incorporate him into the design. One of the things she mentioned about her beloved dad was that he was from Scotland – and so inspiration struck, and I asked her if she would like me to incorporate the Scottish thistle into her dress. Thistles were hand-painted onto the hemline and then she used those colours to incorporate her best men and bridesmaids. She was so happy that on her special day she could have a piece of her dad with her.”

The Collection

Jacinta currently carries three bridal collections, Tapestry Oyster and Honeysuckle Earth. “The Tapestry collection was inspired by a beautiful printed floral silk. My creative brain was blown away by the quality and fall of this fabric when it first arrived. From the moment I began designing, I was determined to create a collection in which the collars and pockets would dictate all else. It was a thrilling challenge.

“For my Oyster collection, beautiful gowns and alternative pieces are inspired by the rugged Irish coast. The collection uses natural fabrics and relies on the feminine form’s drape and fall to bring out the best in the women. Honeysuckle Earth is my latest collection. It was inspired by my desire for an Irish couture bridal collection. Using new technology fibres such as Rose Petal fabric which looks and falls like silk, our goal was definitely achieved.”

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