6 Useful Tips on How to Wash and Care for White Clothes

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – White clothes require special care. It becomes even more difficult when sweat, ink or other impurities stain white clothing. Knowing how to remove stains without bleach and chemicals is possible, but you will need the right materials.

Alex Econs is the founder of Everpress tee shirt printing company ICON Printing. He’s an expert on all things T-shirts. Here are his six tips to make white tee shirts and other laundry look brighter.

1. Wash your clothes as quickly as possible

The longer the stain is left on your clothing, it becomes more difficult to remove. To avoid this, it’s best to act immediately. “Sweat stains are much harder to remove the longer you leave them on. He says that washing your tee shirt as soon as you wear it is the best option. If you let sweat sit on your shirt for more than two days, it may be difficult to remove.

2. The stain should be treated before washing.

Concentrate your stain remover or detergent on the affected area before washing the whole garment. He says that this will save money as you will use less product, and the stain will have time to be removed before the garment is washed.

3. Natural cleaning products are a great alternative

Try a vinegar-based natural solution first if the garment still appears yellow after initial washing and treatment. White vinegar is not only a bleach for laundry but also softens the fabric and removes mildew and musty odors. Alex says it will be kinder to clothing and the planet.

Make a home solution by mixing a half teaspoon washing powder with 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup cold water. Use the solution as usual, but gently brush over any stained areas and wash immediately.

4. They can be dried in the sun

According to experts one of easiest yet most effective methods to keep white clothing bright is to air dry them whenever possible. “The sun will naturally bleach any discoloration, lighten any stains, and keep the shirt white longer,” says Alex. If the clothing is not white enough, it should be turned inside out. Limit drying time to just a few hours.

5. Soaking your clothes

You may have to soak your clothing if the stain won’t go away. You can use a detergent-based solution to start, which is less dangerous and will not damage the print or pattern. He says that if this doesn’t help, you can try a solution with sodium-based bleach for laundry.

Read the label before you use any product to make sure that it won’t cause faded prints or colors.

6. Preventing stains on clothing from the start

Switch to a deodorant that is aluminum-free for t-shirts. “These stains are caused by a chemical reaction between your deodorant and sweat. Alex says, “If you can find an all-natural deodorant for yourself, then you’ll be able reduce the amount you wash.”


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