Our Top 4 Picks for Maximum Comfort and Support

A nursing bra can be a crucial part of motherhood. Unrestricted access to lactating supplies is essential for breastfeeding. All women should be encouraged to have this freedom. It is healthy and necessary for breastfeeding.

Toward that end, we’ve created this list of the best nursing bra options available today. The pros and cons of various bra options was reviewed by experts and mothers to provide you with great starting points. Congratulations on the miracle of new life and here’s hoping you find what you need here!

The Best Nursing Bras

1. Bodily – The Best Overall Nursing Bra

2. Kindred Bravely Comfortable, Award-Winning Comfort

3. MomCozy – Most Versatile

4. Storq – Ideal for Everyday Use

Best Nursing Bras – Reviews

1. Bodily – Best Overall Nursing bra


  • It is perfect for every stage of pregnancy through breastfeeding
  • Extreme comfort option
  • Made for round-the-clock wear
  • Design together with a lactation specialist


Nursing bra product features

The Everything Bra Bodily is well-named, because it can be worn in virtually any setting. Comfort is key here, with no padding or lift and with a low level of support – all specifically by design. Bodily uses a nontoxic, OEKOTEX-certified fabric. It is also non-toxic. The bralette is breathable and stretchy with the softest possible feel.

The Everything Bra’s physical design has new moms in mind all the way. It combines straps that are front-adjustable with sliders because variations in cup size needs throughout the day are natural – an element many competitors’ designs do not take into account as effectively.

The Everything Bra uses an extended back closure to help shepherd a woman’s body from pregnancy through to birth and nursing in multiple breastfeeding stages. Nursing clips can be added if needed. An elastic neckline makes it easy to access nursing in a quick and simple way.

And among the most important features of our first-place bra’s design is the lack of compression points or constriction. This bra was developed with the assistance of the International Board of Lactation Consultants’ brain trust. This group understands the dangers of any compression. Constriction or compression can cause duct obstruction and even mastitis.

Sizes, styles, promotions, and discounts

Register for the Bodily Email Address on their website and receive ten percent off your purchase. For savings of up to 10%, the Everything Bra is also available in a 3-pack. This bra is available in six color options, and sizes range from small through extra large.

The bottom line

The Everything Bra is an ideal choice for busy moms and pregnant women. This bra provides moms with the comfort and versatility they need to provide the health support they require.

Bodily’s Everything Bra was also awarded an award. InStyle magazine, Women’s Health, and WhatToExpect have each given their own special distinctions to this one.

Find out more about Bodily

2. Kindred Bravely – Award-Winning Comfort


  • The award-winning nursing bra, mom awards and parent awards
  • Wireless provides less restriction
  • Fabric is soft, stretchy, breathable, and removable padding.


Products for nursing bras

The Simply Sublime Nursing Bra This bra is one you can buy and boast about at Mommy and Me circle times. This supportive nursing bra has been featured in different parenting magazines and has won awards from Mom’s Choice Awards and Parent Tested Parent Approved.

Kindred Bravely’s Simply sublime nursing bra has a snug fit, wireless connectivity, and is spacious and comfortable without any restrictions. You can use nursing pads with this bra, if needed.

Sizes, Styles and Discounts

Kindred Bravely’s Simply Sublime Nursing Bra comes in a variety of colors: black, twilight and mocha as well as beige and beige.

Subscribe to the customer email list and receive 10% off your first order. Kindred Bravely offers their customers free returns. They also offer a generous return policy where you can return your products for a full refund if you are not satisfied with their products within 90-days of purchase.

Kindred Bravely can accommodate sizes 30B-46I. Customers can order the Simply Sublime nursing bra in sizes SXXXXL to Busty. The bra extender is also available to customers. This ensures that their customers get the best out of their purchase and money so that it can grow with their baby throughout their pregnancy.

The bottom line

The Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing bra is a must have for newborn essentials. It can be used to make breastfeeding effortless and supportive.

They are proud to be involved in so many programs that they truly care about the welfare of children, women, and everyone else. Kindred Bravely truly appreciates the beauty and worthiness of life.

Find out more about the Kindred Bravely

3. Momcozy – Most Versatile


  • The Sports bra is a shape that can be worn as a sports bra, but it has adjustable straps at the back and front.
  • O-ring racerback design helps relieve back pain by distributing weight more evenly from engorged breast pain
  • Comfort Sponge is used in the straps to prevent rubbing, digging and restriction.


  • Customer service doesn’t have weekend operating hours

Nursing bra product features

Momcozy has a bra that is sorry-not-sorry. It’s one of the most popular nursing bras. The Nursing Sports Bra by Momcozy isn’t your typical spandex squashed sweater puppy sports bra. It’s actually very comfortable to wear. This bra provides breast support and can help you get through spin class. The bra’s supportive o-ring-racerback design allows it to fit like a regular t-shirt bra. This bra is also great for everyday wear and as a sleep bra.

Sizes, Styles and Discounts

Momcozy Nursing Sports Bra comes in the option of two colors: black or cornflower blue, and although it’s not an entirely hands-free pumping bra, it does feature easy one-click/snap closures for easy breast-feeding/pump access. Momcozy assures their customers that the front snaps of their nursing bras are simple to open and close with a single click. This makes it functional as a sports bra, nursing bra, and sleeping bra.

The bra’s waistband is wider and more comfortable. Additionally, the straps are wider so that you don’t feel any pain while pumping or nursing. You can wear nursing pads in this bra without worry of chafing or irritated skin.

Momcozy offers 10% discount to their customers by signing up for the MomCozy Newsletter. Their customers also get free shipping when they spend over $25

The bottom line

Momcozy calls their Nursing Sports Bra the abracadabra “Bra” but it is definitely more “all for one, one for all” in our book. This bra supports your breasts, back, breastfeed, and gives you the support you need to love wearing a sports bra again.

The company supports shared education and growth through education by offering a vast amount of information about breast education, in addition to more women’s health information. Momcozy sat in a very comfortable position on our top list of nursing bras.

Learn more about Momcozy

4. Storq – Perfect for Everyday Use


  • Not an underwire bra (underwire-free)
  • Multicolors and prints
  • Every stage of pregnancy, pre-pregnancy and postpartum.


  • Women who are looking for everyday, comfortable flex-wear bras and bras for maternity may not find the information they need.

Nursing bra product features

The Everyday bra Storq’s promises are true to their word. This bra is more than a nursing bra. It’s a bra that can be worn every day and is just as comfortable as its description. Storq uses luxurious spandex and a jersey knit for softness. Storq’s Oeko-Tex Standard100 certified fabrics is a wonderful feature. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification assures that fabrics are safe and non-toxic. The fabrics are guaranteed to be free of phthalates, known carcinogens and AZO colors.

Storq Everyday Bra offers several comfort features

  • For nursing, adjustable straps and front pull side features
  • Tagless to prevent heightened skin sensitivities in pregnancy and afterwards
  • Underwire-free

Sizes, styles, promotions, and discounts

Storq provides an easy to understand sizing guide for every day bras. Customers are provided with a link to a sizing chart and an easy-to understand pop-up that lists the offer sizes for every size. These sizes can be matched to their band/cup sizes. There are sizes available from 30A up to 44D/42E. This allows for a broad selection of sizes. This top-rated nursing bra is available with four prints: black, chocolate, cafe, and leopard print.

Storq is committed to community building and the strengthening of women’s connections. Many people may not be aware of the philanthropic efforts they make for local communities in San Francisco, and Detroit. They are committed to recycling their products and offer programs that allow customers to donate gently used items to charities they have partnered.

They don’t just donate clothes from their warehouses; they also love to receive gently-loved and washed donations from customers. They give $25 gift cards to customers in return for donations. This is to show appreciation for helping lower-income families through their partnership programs.

The bottom line

Storq Everyday Bra is a comfortable and stylish nursing bra. It also has a sense of community. The best nursing bra is ideal for lounging around in comfort, between pump support, and for nursing pads. Storq’s entry on our list is great even if you don’t have a baby or a belly, and just want to support your boobs with maximum support and quality from an everyday bra, but with minimal awareness that you’re even wearing a bra.

Learn more about Storq

How did we pick the best nursing bras?

A panel of researchers, health professionals, and mothers with extensive experience using nursing bras helped us choose the best nursing bra options. Product evaluations were based on comfort, accessibility and fabric, padding, features, customer reviews, and other parameters. The high standards required for being a finalist on this list meant that brands not making it onto the list were removed from consideration.

What is a Nursing Bra?

A nursing bra is one that is designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers. Pumping and nursing bras are used to breastfeed, pump milk, and provide support during pregnancy and recovery.

While nursing bras look the same as regular bras, they are more suitable for breastfeeding. The cup has a flexible wire or plastic panel that allows the mother and baby to breastfeed without needing to take off her bra. A hole in the back of a nursing bra or pumping bra allows for easy unhooking. Straps that are large enough not to dig into shoulders and hold a heavy breastful of milk have a wide enough width so they don’t dig into the shoulders.

Maternity bras designed for nursing and pumping are light and comfortable. This is crucial when breastfeeding a baby. Air circulation is essential for preventing engorgement, and to reduce breastfeeding time. Nursing shapewear is usually made of cotton, spandex or polyester with stretch.

Nearly every case has a panel made of wire or plastic in the cup. This allows the breast to be accessed freely. Bras with wire meshes or permanent closures are more efficient at supplying milk than traditional options. This makes them a popular choice for nursing mothers who do no wish to use a breast pump.

How to buy a nursing bra

Anyone who has ever taken off their bra after a long day of being trapped under the bra cage is familiar with this feeling. This tip is number one: Choose a nursing bra that you enjoy wearing. This is the time to buy the comfortable bra, the one you aren’t looking forward to taking off.

When shopping for nursing bras, maternity or pumping bras, it is important to pay attention to the closure and clasp features on the bra. You should measure your breasts first, especially if you’re purchasing a bra at the beginning of your pregnancy.

Many nursing bras, as well as pumping bras, offer a growing extension for bras. It is an option that pregnant mothers will appreciate. These handy accessories attach to your basic hook clips and closure bra systems and can extend the bra’s width up to two inches. It is an extremely quick and extreme way to provide immediate comfort. It is temporary and will not last.

It is important to be happy and comfortable with your nursing bra. But ensuring that your baby’s living environment is calm and soothing is also something your newest addition is counting on you to provide. It is crucial to have a top nursing bra that gives support and makes it easy for your baby to pump or feed.

How do Nursing Bras Work?

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing. It’s often overlooked until it becomes a problem. It is important to make sure your breasts are properly cared for by using the best nursing bras. Your already overworked body can be affected if you don’t have the right nursing bra or pumping bra.

A nursing bra, maternity or pumping bra is one that accommodates a breastfeeding mother or breast-pumping mom. The best bras are made from soft, stretchy, breathable and comfortable fabrics, just like the other options for nursing bras. These fabrics are not only soft and stretchy; they can also accommodate multiple changes in cup size due to breast growth. A great nursing bra should be able to accommodate changing breast sizes.

The key to nursing bras and maternity bras is a quick-access design that allows you to feed quickly and comfortably. Different cups are available to make breastfeeding easy and cater for the needs of different pregnant women.

You have a variety of options when it comes to cup options for nursing bras.

  • Crossover Cups This is a feature that nursing bras and pumping bras require. It requires a simple, seamless feeding process. You can simply pull the cup to one side, and you can comfortably pump or nurse in the ease and convenience of a natural bra.
  • Pull-Down Cups – Many nursing bras have this feature, which allows you to feed your newborn quickly and conveniently. The cup of the bra is easily removed, which allows the wearer to show or give enough breast milk and nipple to allow proper latch feeding and/or pumping.
  • Drop-Down Cups Drop-down cups are often a selling point for the best nursing or pumping bras. These one-handed clasps snap open and drop the cup down, giving you total breast freedom for pumping or feeding.

What is the best time to start wearing a nursing bra?

There is no chart that stages a timeline about when it is the “right” time to transition into different stages of clothes for moms. Like a lot other things in your life, this seems like an additional question to add on to the list.

Every woman’s body is different. During pregnancy especially, each woman physically experiences different physical symptoms, at different stages, during different trimesters, sometimes not following any typical “what-to-expect” guidelines at all.

Nursing bras are crucial for pregnant women and those who are currently changing. There’s the “Oh My Gosh I Can’t Stand Anything to Touch Me But I Have To Go To This Dinner Thing” second trimester body, the postpartum “Take A Whiff Of My Oh-So-Fresh Baby” body, and even a “What Day Is It? I Believe There’s A Chicken Nugget Stuck In My Hair, Had The Baby 7 Months Ago” body.

For some women, the ideal time to start transitioning into a maternity bra is right at the beginning or second trimester of pregnancy. An underwire nursing bra and the “Cute this bra match my panties” days are down the toilet much like that morning’s breakfast during this stage as unexpected morning sickness can cause bra discomfort for some women.

Some women feel more sensitive to the skin and have increased nausea during the first trimester. The first trimester can bring on increased symptoms such as nausea, extreme breast tenderness, and increased skin sensitivity. Women may feel overwhelmed by their regular bras.

It is recommended that you get fitted for a nursing or pumping bra around eighteen months or eight and a quarter months into your pregnancy. It is a good time for pregnant mothers to remind them to purchase additional nursing and pumping bras, as well as sleep and sleeping bras, as soon as they return home from the hospital.

Comfortability is the main reason to pack at least two nursing bras in your bag.


1. Mastitis: What’s it?

Mastitis is a condition that can occur in the breast tissue of a woman’s breast, often when a woman is breastfeeding or is lactating postpartum. If women don’t have proper maternity clothing, or breastfeeding items that encourage positive breastfeeding experiences, they can experience severe breast pain, severe swelling of the breasts and nipples, as well as severe redness.

Mastitis can sometimes lead to symptoms that can be misdiagnosed and confused with the flu. There are many symptoms that may occur in patients with Mastitis, but they don’t have to be:

  • Fever exceeding 100.4 F
  • Breasts that are often hot and hot to touch are often swollen.
  • Red streaking evident on breasts
  • Chills and body aches
  • Lump in your breast, nipple and/or areola hot, swollen, red
  • An area of the breasts or both that feels wedge-like, or engorged
  • Extreme breast pain, unbearable to touch

An underwire bra too tight or too small can cause this type of infection. It is essential to find the right-fitting bra, and make sure you purchase the correct type of pumping bra depending on whether you are breast or breast feeding only.

For postpartum women and nursing mothers, it is crucial to have support during the day as well as the night. A correctly fitting and comfortable sleep bra or best nursing sleep bra is also an essential postpartum wardrobe item that new moms or old pros shouldn’t forget to include in their essential new clothing items.

2. How do I find the perfect fit nursing bra?

Try them on to discover the best supportive nursing bras! A properly fitted bra should not have visible breast tissue. This is particularly important for maternity wear.

Finding the best fitting and most comfortable nursing shapewear can be challenging. There are steps you can take to make this process easier and more efficient.

Finding a nursing bra with medium support is the first step in finding your perfect fit. This should be possible in all of these brands. Two things you should look out for when choosing the best nursing formwear options:

  1. Band length–The best nursing bra and pumping bra are long enough to cover at least your nipple level and then some.
  2. The cup’s depth–It should not have a hard edge, but if you have fuller breasts, it should be deep enough that as you breastfeed your breasts will not spill out of the cup.

Next is to choose a bra that provides plenty of support. This will help to prevent any sagging, or flattening over time. This list contains many nursing bra options that have been thoroughly reviewed.

If you still haven’t found the most supportive nursing bras, the last option would be trying a different style entirely.

If you are trying on bras, it is a good idea to do so around the same time each day. This will help you to determine your personal fit. A bra that is comfortable and fits well will be comfortable throughout pregnancy.

This list has a variety of top-rated nursing bras in different styles. However, we did not include any underwire bras. Although each brand may have a different style, the fit and comfort of these nursing bras is identical.

3. What are the key features to look out for in a nursing bra

They should provide plenty of support and comfort. These bras often include a wire or a plastic panel in their middle that allows breast milk to flow easily. You can find many nursing bras that have these features with an adjustable back closure, so you can find your perfect fit.

Nursing bras with wide openings in the front are the best. This allows for easy breastfeeding access. Many also include a clip that allows one-handed release of the bra’s strap, making it easier and faster for mothers to nurse their babies. Many nursing bras can also be used with nursing pads. This makes them more comfortable and protects against milk leakage while pumping or breastfeeding.

Many women purchase more than one nursing bra to support their breasts if they become engorged.

4. What should you look for in a sleeping bra?

Breastfeeding is a common task for women. For a good night’s sleep, a bra with an adjustable back or removable cups is a must-have feature. Good sleep bras are made of breathable fabric, which will allow one to maintain body temperature and avoid heat.

5. What should you look for in a nursing top?

A good nursing tank should be made from soft material such as cotton. It can either have an elastic band at the top or a removable bra cups. Again, both of these will help make sure that your breasts won’t bounce and will put you in the best position to avoid disturbing your partner at night, if that is an issue for you.


There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your new child and the newest edition for your family but one of the essentials that new mothers often forget is that part of the great experience of motherhood is that their child can only thrive if the mother is thriving as well.

Being a successful mother means investing in your strengths. You should also invest in the items that help you be the best mother possible. You should have the best nursing bras in your arsenal. They will help you to maintain a healthy and comfortable approach to happy bonding feeding moments every single day.

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