Who What Wear Podcast: Ruth E. Carter

Wakanda for Ever: Black Panther It’s finally available for everyone to view, and it’s as amazing as the original. The run time is two hours and 41 minutes, and the cast is massive. How do I begin a project of such scale? What was the duration of the whole process for your department? 

The enormity of the project is apparent when you look at the final product. It is overwhelming to look at it. Many of us lost our hero and poured our hearts into our art. Chadwick was our hero, and we all wanted to honor him. [Boseman]It is a life that we all share and it also presents an extraordinary art form to the rest of the world. 

It doesn’t seem so huge when you consider the passion, inspiration, purpose, and intention. You begin to divide it and think, “Who will you include in this journey?” Who gets the aesthetic? Which outsourcing options are available?

Everything starts from an enormous number of artists that come together with drawings. We all sit together and talk about the story. Each of these artists create illustrations.

We talk about stories, about how we feel, about what we like and about what doesn’t work. Ryan Coogler became our hero after Chadwick passed away. Joe Robert Cole and he were the only ones who could bring us a script.

He was clear that he would honor Chadwick and examine grief in all its forms.

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